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Guidance to licensing authorities

Our guidance for licensing authorities.


4 - Licensed FEC premises licence conditions

22.8 Part 9 of this guidance discusses the mandatory and default conditions that attach to premises licences. Currently there are no default conditions specific to FECs.

Mandatory conditions

22.9 The summary of the terms and conditions of the premises licence issued by the licensing authority under s.164(1)(c) of the Act must be displayed in a prominent place within the premises.

22.10 The layout of the premises must be maintained in accordance with the plan.

22.11 The premises must not be used for the sale of tickets in a private lottery or customer lottery, or the National Lottery.

22.12 No customer shall be able to enter the premises directly from a casino, an adult gaming centre or betting premises (other than a track). There is no definition of ‘direct access’ in the Act or regulations, but licensing authorities may consider that there should be an area separating the premises concerned, such as a street or cafe, which the public go to for purposes other than gambling, for there to be no direct access.

22.13 Any ATM made available for use on the premises must be located in a place that requires any customer who wishes to use it to cease gambling at any gaming machine in order to do so.

22.14 Over-18 areas within FECs that admit under-18s, must be separated by a barrier with prominently displayed notices at the entrance stating that under-18s are not allowed in that area and with adequate supervision in place to ensure that children and young persons are not able to access these areas or the category C machines. Supervision may be done either by placing the terminals within the line of sight of an official of the operator or via monitored CCTV.

22.15 The consumption of alcohol in licensed FECs is prohibited at any time during which facilities for gambling are being provided. Additionally in Scotland the sale of alcohol on the premises is specifically prohibited. A notice stating this should be displayed in a prominent position on the premises.

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