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Guidance to licensing authorities

The Gambling Commission's guidance for licensing authorities.


7 - Gaming machines

20.33. A track premises licence does not of itself entitle the holder to provide gaming machines, as this type of premises licence can be held without any corresponding operating licence. However, by virtue of s.172(9) of the Act, track owners holding both a track premises licence and a pool betting operating licence issued by the Commission (currently only greyhound tracks), may site up to four gaming machines within categories B2 to D on the track.

20.34. Some tracks will also hold an alcohol licence and as such they will be automatically entitled under s.282 of the Act to two gaming machines of category C or D. This permission is activated by notifying the licensing authority and paying the required fee. If a track premises licence holder has both an alcohol licence and a pool betting operating licence, then they will be entitled to a total of six gaming machines (two via the alcohol licence and four via the operating licence).

20.35. Applications for licensed premises gaming machine permits to allow more than two gaming machines are not permitted where the premises are, or are part of, premises already covered by a premises licence including a betting premises licence in respect of a track (Schedule 13(1)(2), of the Act). However, there is a special saving for any alcohol-licensed premises within tracks in England and Wales which already had permission for more than two gaming machines pursuant to permits issued under s.34 of the Gaming Act 1968 (opens in new tab) and made an application for licensed premises gaming machine permits in accordance with transitional provisions (SI 2006/3272 - The Gambling Act 2005 (Commencement No.6 and Transitional Provisions) Order 2006 (opens in new tab) - Schedule 4, paragraphs 27 and 30).

20.36. Children and young persons can play category D gaming machines on a track but are not allowed to play other categories of machine.

20.37. Alcohol premises licence holders who wish to make one or two gaming machines available for use in reliance on s.282 of the Act are required to send the licensing authority written notice of their intention and to pay the prescribed fee (SI 2007/1832 - Gaming Machines in Alcohol Licensed Premises (Notification Fee) (England and Wales) Regulations 2007 (opens in new tab), Regulation 3). It is also a requirement that any relevant provision of a code of practice under s.24 about the location and operation of a gaming machine is complied with. This includes The gaming machine permits code of practice.

20.38. The Commission has attached a condition to all pool betting operating licences that the operator must:

  • have and put into effect policies and procedures designed to prevent underage gambling
  • monitor the effectiveness of these.
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