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Guidance to licensing authorities

The Gambling Commission's guidance for licensing authorities.


11 - Additional information to be made available

6.69. In order to ensure that applicants and persons who wish to make representations have the necessary information to be able to do so, the information set out below should be made available by licensing authorities are part of their communication strategy.

6.70. It is open to licensing authorities to include any of this information in their policy statement. However, they might think it more appropriate to make it available in another form, such as on their website.


6.71. S.156 of the Act requires licensing authorities to maintain a register of the premises licences that it has issued. The register must be made available, at any reasonable time, to the public who may request copies of the entries. Authorities should ensure that information regarding the location of the registers (for example, on the website, in the council offices), when they can be viewed, and the cost of obtaining copies is made available to the public.

6.72. A database of premises licences is available on the Commission’s website and consists of information submitted by licensing authorities. The register is published with the caveat that the Commission cannot provide any assurance on the completeness and accuracy of this data. The Commission recommends that licensing authorities should be contacted directly for accurate and up-to-date premises information.


6.73. Under s.212(2)(d) of the Act, local authorities in England and Wales shall ‘aim to ensure that the income from fees… as nearly as possible equates to the costs of providing the service to which the fees relates’. Further information on fees setting in England, Wales and Scotland in available in Part 36 of this guidance.


6.74. Licensing authorities should ensure that information is available on how to make applications for licences and other permissions under the Act. In particular, it would be helpful if licensing authorities ensure that a full list of responsible authorities and their appropriate contact details is readily available. Application forms, where appropriate, should also be made available. Licensing authorities should note that there are no prescribed application forms for family entertainment centre, prize gaming or licensed premises gaming machine permits. As such, the licensing authority will need to make clear how applications for these permits should be made and in what form. Additionally, licensing authorities will need to ensure that information regarding making representations, and applying for a review of a premises licence, is also made available.

Statutory application forms and notices

6.75. There are a range of statutory application forms and notices that licensing authorities are required to use as part of their gambling licensing responsibilities. A summary list of these can be found in Appendix E.


6.76. Information should be provided as to how functions are delegated under the Act (for example, whether decisions are to be taken by a licensing officer, licensing sub-committee or full committee). A table setting out the scheme of delegation required by the Act may be the most appropriate method for this and is located in Part 4 of this guidance of this guidance.

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