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Remote gambling and software technical standards (RTS)

Remote gambling and software technical standards under section 89 and section 97 of the Gambling Act 2005.

RTS 8 – Auto-play functionality

Applies to:

In respect of requirement RTS 8A and 8B – Gaming (except slots)

In respect of requirement RTS 8C – Slots

From 17 January 2025 the new requirement which proceeds the existing text will replace RTS 8.

RTS aim 8

To ensure that the customer is still in control of the gambling where auto-play functionality is provided and to minimise the risk that the functionality disadvantages a customer or that auto-play or other strategy advice is misleading.

RTS requirement 8A

The gambling system must provide easily accessible facilities that:

  1. make available the following three controls, each of which stops auto-play functionality when it is triggered:
    1. 'loss limit’, that is, where the player selects an option to not lose more than X from their starting balance, where X is an amount that can be selected by the player. A ‘loss’ in this context equates to accumulated auto-play bets minus accumulated auto-play wins.
    2. 'single win limit’ that is, single win greater than Y where Y is an amount that can be selected by the player, and
    3. ‘jackpot win’ (where applicable).
  2. require auto-play to be implemented in such a way that each time a customer chooses to use auto-play they must select the stake, the number of autoplay gambles and at least the first of the above three controls.

The number of autoplay gambles must not exceed 100 in one batch. During auto-play the customer must be able to stop the autoplay regardless of how many autoplay gambles they initially chose or how many remain.

RTS implementation guidance 8A

  1. Auto-play should not override any of the display requirements (for example, the result of each gamble must be displayed for a reasonable length of time before the next gamble commences, as set out in RTS 7E).

RTS requirement 8B

In relation to skill and chance games, strategy advice and auto-play functionality must be fair, not misleading and must not represent a poor choice.

RTS implementation guidance 8B

In implementing this control, the following should be considered, where appropriate:

  1. if there is a standard strategy, for example, for well-known games like blackjack, the standard strategy should be used.
  2. strategies or auto-play should (theoretically) produce at least the average Return to Player (RTP) for the game over time.

RTS requirement 8C

The gambling system must require a customer to commit to each game cycle individually. Providing auto-play for slots is not permitted.

From 17 January 2025 the following requirement will replace RTS 8.

Applies to: Gaming (including bingo)

RTS aim 8A

To make clear that auto-play cannot be offered for online gaming.

RTS requirement 8A

The gambling system must require a customer to commit to each game cycle individually.

RTS guidance 8A

This requirement does not prohibit offering functionality to automatically post blinds in peer-to-peer poker.

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