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Remote gambling and software technical standards (RTS)

Remote gambling and software technical standards under section 89 and section 97 of the Gambling Act 2005.

RTS 1 – Customer account information

Applies to:

All gambling – except subscription lotteries.

RTS aim 1

To provide customers with easily accessible information about their current balances and facilities that enable them to review previous gambling and account transactions.

RTS requirement 1A

Where customers hold a credit or debit balance, the pages or screens used for gambling and to move money into and out of accounts must display the customer’s current account balance, in the currency of their account for example dollars, euros or pounds sterling, whenever that customer is logged in. Where it is not practical to display current balance from gambling screens then easily accessible links to this information must be provided.

RTS implementation guidance 1A

  1. Gambling pages and screens include virtual game pages, sports betting coupons, poker and other virtual gaming ‘tables’.
  2. For telephone betting this information is to be delivered at the customer’s request by the customer service agent or automated response system.

RTS requirement 1B

Customers must have easy access to at least three months account and gambling history without having to contact the licensee. A minimum of 12 months of gambling and account history must be made available on request. The ability to request this information should be made clear to customers and be provided as soon as is practicable.

  1. The gambling and account history should include:
    1. credit and debit information such as deposits, withdrawals, movement of funds between products, payments off credit accounts, entry fee deductions, and bonus information, as appropriate
    2. bets placed, the results of bets, winnings paid
    3. for gaming (including bingo) full or summarised gaming information should be available, for example, £10 taken into game, £100 turned over, £3 taken away from game. Where detailed historic game information may not necessarily be directly available to customers, as a minimum, customers must have easy access to details of the last game played and summarised information for previous activities
    4. where customers are able to move funds between gambling products, account information and statements should clearly display movement of funds into and out of products
    5. an option for customers to use their own defined time period or to select from a range of time periods. A summary total for the period selected should be displayed (at least on the first screen or page if the transactions span multiple screens).
  2. For telephone betting and restricted display devices, where customers demonstrate that they also have access to websites – by registering online or using other online products – it is acceptable to provide access to statements via these websites, otherwise customers should be sent a regular copy of their statement via email, fax or post unless they elect not to receive this information. Customers should be sent a statement on request, even if they have opted out of receiving regular statements.

RTS requirement 1C

Customers must be able to access information about their net deposits.

RTS implementation guidance 1C

Net deposits are defined as the running total of all deposits minus the sum of all withdrawals for the lifetime of the account. This should be displayed at an account level so the figure represents the net position of all payment methods. Where full account lifetime history is not possible then, as a minimum, the net deposits should be displayed from 1 April 2018, or the account opening date if after 1 April 2018. Information which explains the net deposit figure, including the timeframe it covers, should be provided.

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