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Remote gambling and software technical standards (RTS)

Remote gambling and software technical standards under section 89 and section 97 of the Gambling Act 2005.

RTS 2 – Displaying transactions

Applies to:

In respect of requirements 2A to 2D - All gambling

In respect of requirements 2E - Slots. From 17 January 2025 this applies to Casino (excluding peer-to-peer poker).

RTS aim 2

To enable the customer to understand the value and content of their transactions.

RTS requirement 2A

The remote gambling system must make available clear information about the amount of money being gambled by the customer, including any conversions from one form of currency to another, or from currency to credits, chips or other tokens etc, at the point of conversion.

RTS implementation guidance 2A

  1. The financial commitment for each gamble should be displayed somewhere on the screen either in the currency of the customer’s account or in the currency of the product. The use of credits, chips or other tokens with no face value should only be used when the corresponding currency amount is clearly visible, or where the customer is not staking additional money such as a poker tournament.
  2. Any conversion from one currency to another should be clearly presented to the customer and any conversion rules are also to be presented. Where currency is converted into tokens, chips or credits, etc, the conversion should be clearly displayed.
  3. Information about the value of the gamble should be displayed including, as appropriate:
    1. unit stake and total stake, whether currency, credit, tokens, chips, or any other form of payment
    2. entry fees, for example, payment for entry to poker tournaments
    3. the price of lottery tickets and the number of draws entered.
  4. For telephone gambling, this information is to be delivered by the customer service agent or automated response system.
  5. For subscription lotteries, sending a confirmation by email or post and/or displaying the stake and the number of draws entered when the customer subscribes is sufficient.

RTS requirement 2B

The gambling system must display sufficient relevant information about the customer’s gamble so that the content of the gamble is clear. This information must be made available before the customer commits to the gamble including, for example, in the artwork and textual information displayed during gaming, or on an electronic equivalent of a betting slip or lottery ticket.

RTS implementation guidance 2B

  1. The following items provide guidelines about the type of information that may be relevant:
    1. selections – the items the customer has chosen to gamble on
    2. the bet type
    3. the accepted odds, for example current odds, starting price, first show, etc
    4. the odds format that will take precedence in settling bets must be set out in the rules.
  2. These items, where relevant, are also required on applications designed for use on restricted display devices.

  3. For telephone gambling the content of the customer’s bet should be read back to them before the bet is confirmed.
  4. Where the customer is able to choose, through the use of a third party user-interface, to override the display of this information, this must not be the default option. That is, the customer must make an active choice not to have the information available or to install a user-interface that does not contain the information. The remote gambling system should continue to make available or send the information to the customer; it should not assume that the information is not required.
  5. For subscription lotteries, sending a confirmation by email or post and/or displaying the first draw and the number of draws for which the customer will be entered is sufficient.

RTS requirement 2C

The gambling system must enable customers to choose whether to accept price fluctuations (in either direction) that occur after their bet is requested.

RTS implementation guidance 2C

  1. Players should be presented with options to control whether a price change should be accepted or not.
  2. These options must be presented on a per bet basis, except in circumstances where a customer has requested a default account setting to disable price change alerts prior to bet acceptance. Where the functionality is offered at an account level the default option should not be set to accept all fluctuations. Where a customer chooses not to accept price changes automatically any bet where the price changes must be reoffered before it is accepted.
  3. Information sufficient to explain the options to the customers should be provided.
  4. An optimum solution would enable consumers to choose to automatically accept price movements within a particular margin range. Account level options offered to consumer could include accepting all bets with higher price, accepting all bets with shorter price or accepting all bets regardless of price movements.
  5. This requirement does not intend to capture currency fluctuations.

RTS requirement 2D

Customers who choose to use third party user interfaces must be informed that applications may not display full information about their gambles.

RTS implementation guidance 2D

Information should be included in terms and conditions, rules or other general information about the gambling product that is made available to and/or sent out to customers.

RTS requirement 2E

All gaming sessions must clearly display a customer’s net position, in the currency of their account or product (for example, pounds sterling, dollar, Euro) since the session started.

RTS Implementation guidance 2E

Net position is defined as the total of all winnings minus the sum of all losses since the start of the session.

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