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Assessment of online games design changes

Gambling Commission report focusing on research conducted into the impact of the online gambling games design changes.

Displacement to other games


The evidence suggests there has been no sizeable displacement to any product.

Another potential consequence of the game design process that was highlighted in the Theory of Change section of this report was the risk that consumers adapt more harmful gambling behaviours.

The Gambling Commission’s market data does not show any sizeable increase in revenue for other gambling products. The data identifies that, despite decreasing stake sizes, spin speeds, and session length, the revenue from slots products has continued to increase. In the sample of gambling businesses taken, there were 35.6 billion spins in the six months prior to the changes and this increased to 36.5 billion spins in the six months afterwards.

Figure 8: The number of spins by players using multiple tabs, browsers or accounts simultaneously while playing online slots games

A bar chart showing the number of spins in online slots games before and after the changes to online slots games were introduced. Data from the chart is provided in the following table.

Experience of players using multiple tabs, browsers or accounts simultaneously while playing online slots games
Statement Six months pre-change (billions) Six months post-change (billions)
Number of Spins 35.6 36.5
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