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Lottery submissions

Every society and local authority licensed by the Commission must provide a submission for each lottery. This must show the total proceeds and how they have been distributed between prizes and expenses and the amount applied directly to the society’s purposes, or purpose for which the local authority has power to incur expenditure.

A licensed society’s or local authority’s submission must be sent to the Gambling Commission no later than three months after the date of the lottery draw or in the case of an instant (scratchcard) lottery within three months of the last date on which tickets in the lottery were on sale. At the time it is submitted each submission must be verified by a Personal Management Licence holder, a qualified person in the case of a small scale operator or the person (in the case of societies) named on the lottery tickets as being responsible for the promotion of the lottery.

Lottery submissions should be completed online through the Commission’s eServices portal (opens in a new tab). Guidance on how to complete a lottery submission is available throughout the online system.

Every society registered with a local authority to run small society lotteries must submit a statement providing the following information:

  • the date on which tickets were available for sale or supply and the date of the draw
  • the total proceeds of the lottery (remote and non-remote)
  • the amounts deducted by promoters of the lottery in providing prizes, including rollovers
  • the amounts deducted by the promoters of the lottery in respect of costs incurred in organising the lottery
  • the amount applied directly to the purpose for which the promoting society is conducted or for which the local authority has power to incur expenditure (at least 20% of the gross proceeds)
  • whether any expenses incurred in connection with the lottery were not paid for by deduction from the proceeds, and, if so, the amount of expenses and the sources from which they were paid.

A registered society’s statement must be sent to the local authority within three months beginning on the day the draw (or last draw) in the lottery took place. It must be signed by two members of the society appointed in writing for that purpose by the society’s governing body and accompanied by a copy of that appointment.

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