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Consumers must be able to understand all of the terms that govern their play. You should remember that literacy levels vary significantly across the population and a consumer reading your terms may not have English as their first language. There are freely available tools that can assess the reading level needed to understand a piece of text.

The following guidance in this section relates specifically to Promotions.

Ensure all Significant Conditions are provided:

  • to consumers in a clear, timely, intelligible, unambiguous, transparent, non-misleading and prominent manner

  • within the advert and with the headline offer on all relevant landing webpages and sign-up webpages (or equivalent) for that Promotion

  • within the advert and with the headline offer on any other advertising on any medium for that Promotion, except where it is impossible to do so due to significant limitations on time and/or space in the relevant advertising medium, in which case give as much information about the Significant Conditions as possible within the advert, and with the headline offer, together with a link to a webpage (or Equivalent) containing all the Significant Conditions and other terms relating to the Promotion in full.

Ensure all terms and conditions relating to a Promotion, including terms which apply to all Bonuses, are accessible:

  • before consumer signs up,
    (i) on all relevant landing pages and sign-up pages for that Promotion (or Equivalents)
    (ii) within a single click (or equivalent) from any other advertising on any medium for that Promotion, to the extent that it is not possible to include such terms and conditions on such advertising
  • once play commences, within a single click from the bonus tab on the consumer’s account/home page (or each relevant equivalent).

You should also be aware that:

Marketing of promotional offers must comply with rules set out in LCCP SR 5.1.9.. We have also published guidance on this.

For further information regarding acceptable claims and how terms and conditions should be displayed or signposted in adverts, you can view CAP's guidance on Gambling ads: free bets and bonuses (opens in a new tab).

What not to do

  • terms and conditions must not be unnecessarily complex
  • terms and conditions must not be hidden from players

Example of what not to do

Promotional banners must not lead straight to a sign-up page without making sure that the player has had access to all significant terms and conditions.

Additional terms and conditions must not be hidden in a separate tab or window on a webpage.

Ensure that at all times the consumer is informed:

  • when they are playing with Restricted Funds
  • if playing with Restricted Funds, about the nature of, and consequences of non-compliance with, the Promotional Play Restrictions or Wagering Requirements.

What you should do

  • players must be told when they are playing with restricted funds and any requirements or restrictions associated with this
  • players must be told when they are playing with restricted funds, bonus funds for example, and should be reminded what these restrictions are
  • players must be reminded of the restrictions whenever they start a new play session. For example, if a player pauses play and logs out of their account, they must be reminded when they log back into the account that they are playing with restricted funds
  • when playing with restricted funds, players must be told of the nature of the play restrictions or wagering requirements, and the consequences if they don’t follow these requirements.

Simply including the information in website terms and conditions is not sufficient.

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