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Make changes to your operating licence

17 May 2021
3 September 2021
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You will need to tell us if something changes with your business. Some changes require a new version of your licence to be issued. If this happens you may also need to pay a fee.

Other changes may require you to submit a key event or LCCP notificiation. These must be submitted using eServices. There are no fees for submitting these.

Changes that affect your licence:

  • adding or removing a licensed activity
  • amending a licensed activity category up or down
  • changing your head office address
  • changing your operating name
  • adding or removing trading names
  • adding or removing someone from your licence (schedule X or schedule Y)
  • adding, changing or removing a condition

Adding or removing a key person also requires a key event to be submitted.

Applications to vary an operating licence can take up to eight weeks to process, providing all required information is submitted with the application and all fees are paid. Fees can be paid using a credit or debit card when you submit your application.

Changes you can make online

You can make most changes online in eServices and pay any fees using a credit or debit card (except American Express). In some cases your licence is issued when the changes are made and the fees are paid.

Change Fee
Changing your head office address £25 per licence
Adding or removing trading names £25 per licence
Adding a licensed activity 25% of standard licence application fee
Fee category increase or decrease £25
Removing a licensed activity £25
Change of operating name £25 per licence
Changes to schedule X or schedule Y £100 per person per licence. Where multiple licences are held, a £25 fee will be charged for any additional licences.

These changes do not require a fee to be paid:

  • adding or removing domain names
  • changing your business registered address
  • changing your business correspondence address
  • changing your email address and or eServices password

Changes to addresses

Head Office and Trading name address changes

Changes to the Head Office and trading names will result in a new licence being issued.

Registered and correspondence address changes

You can use eServices to change your registered and correspondence addresses. Your correspondence address must be based in the United Kingdom. We will use this address to communicate with you. You should only make this change once you have moved address.

Changes that effect your operating licence

Trading name changes

It is your responsibility to ensure that any proposed domain or trading name is considered socially responsible and is compliant with legislative and regulatory requirements including:

Trading names also need to be compliant with the Companies Act 2006 (opens in new tab).

Adding a licensed activity

You can add new licence activities to yout existing licence. You must make sure that you have all documentation before submitting your application.

If you want to add an additional licence e.g. if you hold a non-remote operating licence only and are intending to add remote activities, you will need to submit a new operating licence application.

Changes to your fee category

If you need to increase your fee category by 2 or more categories, then you will need to include a business plan along with 3 years financial projections.

If you need to decrease your fee category you will need to provide a full explanation of why.

Changes that cannot be made online

There are some changes that cannot be done online.

These include:

  • change of corporate control
  • change of legal entity
  • adding, changing or removing conditions

Some changes should not be made if you are undergoing enhanced compliance or other regulatory investigation without notifying the Compliance and or Enforcement team before making the change.

These include:

  • registered address
  • correspondence address
  • domain name changes
  • head office address
  • trading name changes

You will need to submit these changes using the operating licence variation application form.

You will need to pay any fees for your application using BACS/Faster Payments which you can find on the paying fees page.


Some files may be not be accessible for users of assistive technology. If you require a copy of the file in an accessible format contact us with details of what you require. It would help us to know what technology you use and the required format.

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