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Annex A Declaration

An Annex A declaration is required to be submitted instead of a personal management licence (PML) by the following people:

  • those in a management position in a small scale operator (Schedule X)
  • a representative of an operator taking bets on their behalf at tracks (Schedule Y)
  • incoming individuals who have or are expected to become a controller of a licensed operator and have no management responsibilities or where they have management responsibilities but are part of a small scale operator.

You can submit an Annex A declaration online using the Apply for a personal licence service.

As part of the Annex A declaration process, we will ask if you've received any criminal convictions, warnings or reprimands and then complete a criminality check.

You will need to pay a fee to add or remove a key person on your licence.

New operating licence applicants

When you apply for a new operating licence, you must tell us about people who will be in relevant management positions. We will check if you qualify as a small-scale operator in your application. If you do not qualify you will be prompted to change the people to require personal management licences.

When you submit your operating licence application, we will email the people named in the application to also submit their Annex A personal declaration or personal management licence application.

Make sure you have up-to-date email addresses for people named in your application. If you give incorrect information, it may delay your application.

We will not issue an operating licence until the Annex A personal declaration or PML applications have been processed.

Existing operating licence holders

If you hold an operating licence and qualify as a small-scale operator and need to add additional people in a relevant management position, and you remain below the three or fewer threshold, the additional people will need to submit Annex A personal declarations.

You will need to start a licence variation application to do this. There are different options for doing this, depending on whether other changes are being made to your licence activities.

Adding or removing people

If you are only adding or removing people, you will need to complete the variation application form and pay the variation fee.

You cannot do this online. You'll need to submit an application using the variation application form.

Adding or removing people and changing what you are licensed for

You can submit your licence variation online using eServices. We will also email those being added and inform them that they need to submit Annex A personal declarations.

We will not issue your updated operating licence until the Annex A personal declaration or PML applications have been processed.

If you go over three people

If you have more than three people in relevant management positions, each person must then apply for a personal management licence and pay a fee.

Personal management licence applications can be submitted by using Application online.


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