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8 Information requirements

8.1.1 - Ordinary code

Applies to:

All licences.

Ordinary code

These do not have the status of operator licence conditions but set out good practice. Operators may adopt alternative approaches to those set out in ordinary code provisions if they have actively taken account of the ordinary code provision and can demonstrate that an alternative approach is reasonable in the operator's particular circumstances; or that to take an alternative approach would be acting in a similarly effective manner. Ordinary codes of practice are admissible in evidence in criminal or civil proceedings and must be taken into account in any case in which the court or tribunal think them relevant, and by the Commission in the exercise of its functions; any departure from ordinary code provisions by an operator may be taken into account by the Commission on a licence review, but cannot lead to imposition of a financial penalty.

  1. As stated earlier in this code, the Commission expects licensees to work with the Commission in an open and cooperative way and to inform the Commission of any matters that the Commission would reasonably need to be aware of in exercising its regulatory functions. These include in particular matters that will have a material impact on the licensee’s business or on the licensee’s ability to conduct licensed activities compliantly and consistently with the licensing objectives.

  2. Thus, licensees should notify the Commission, or ensure that the Commission is notified, as soon as reasonably practicable and in such form and manner as the Commission may from time to time specify1 , of any matters which in their view could have a material impact on their business or affect compliance. The Commission would, in particular, expect to be notified of the occurrence of any of the following events in so far as not already notified in accordance with the conditions attached to the licensee’s licence2 :

    1. any material change in the licensee’s structure or the operation of its business
    2. any material change in managerial responsibilities or governance arrangements
    3. any report from an internal or external auditor expressing, or giving rise to, concerns about material shortcomings in the management control or oversight of any aspect of the licensee’s business related to the provision of gambling facilities.

Read additional guidance on the information requirements contained within this section.


1 These matters are to be reported to us online via our ‘eServices’ digital service on our website.

2 Events which must be reported, because the Commission considers them likely to have a material impact on the nature or structure of a licensee’s business, are set out in general licence condition 15.2.1

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