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3 Protection of children and other vulnerable persons

3.8.1 - Money-lending – casinos

Applies to:

All non-remote casino licences.

Ordinary code

These do not have the status of operator licence conditions but set out good practice. Operators may adopt alternative approaches to those set out in ordinary code provisions if they have actively taken account of the ordinary code provision and can demonstrate that an alternative approach is reasonable in the operator's particular circumstances; or that to take an alternative approach would be acting in a similarly effective manner. Ordinary codes of practice are admissible in evidence in criminal or civil proceedings and must be taken into account in any case in which the court or tribunal think them relevant, and by the Commission in the exercise of its functions; any departure from ordinary code provisions by an operator may be taken into account by the Commission on a licence review, but cannot lead to imposition of a financial penalty.

  1. Licensees should take steps to prevent systematic or organised money lending between customers on their premises.

  2. While the nature of those steps will depend to some extent on the layout and size of the premises, they should cover matters such as:

    1. systems for monitoring for such activity;
    2. instructions to staff concerning what they should do if they spot what they believe to be significant money lending and to managers about the ways in which they should handle and act on any such lending; and
    3. excluding from the premises, either temporarily or permanently as appropriate, any person whom the evidence suggests has become involved in organised or systematic money lending.
  3. There should be appropriate arrangements in place to cover any cases where it appears that the lending may be commercial in nature or may involve money laundering. In the latter case, the requirements in respect of reporting suspicious transactions must be followed. In all cases where the operator encounters systematic or organised money lending, a report should be made to the Commission.1


1 These matters are to be reported to us online via our ‘eServices’ digital service on our website.

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