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3 Protection of children and other vulnerable persons

3.2.13 - Remote lottery SR code

Applies to:

All remote lottery licences.

Social responsibility code

Compliance with these is a condition of licences; therefore any breach of them by an operator may lead the Commission to review the operator’s licence with a view to suspension, revocation or the imposition of a financial penalty and would also expose the operator to the risk of prosecution.

  1. Licensees must have and put into effect policies and procedures designed to prevent underage gambling and monitor the effectiveness of these.

  2. Such procedures must include:

    1. warning potential customers that underage gambling is an offence;
    2. requiring customers to affirm that they are of legal age;
    3. regularly reviewing their age verification systems and implementing all reasonable improvements that may be made as technology advances and as information improves;
    4. ensuring that relevant staff are properly trained in the use of their age verification procedures; in particular anyone who sells lottery tickets including canvassers and customer services staff must be appropriately trained in the use of secondary forms of identification when initial verifications procedures fail to prove that an individual is of legal age;
    5. enabling their gambling websites to permit filtering software to be used by adults (such as parents or within schools) in order to restrict access to relevant pages of those sites;
    6. the following age verification procedures:
      1. in the case of both subscription lotteries and low frequency lotteries1 , and provided it is clear in the terms and conditions that those under the age of 16 are not permitted to participate and that the prizes will not be paid out to those found to be under 16, customers must be required to verify their age before being able to make any subscription or purchase entry into the lottery. (The licensee is expected to conduct a programme of random checks of users who self-verify for compliance with age restrictions);
      2. in every other case, licensees must verify the age of a customer before the customer is able to: o access any free-to-play versions of lotteries (for example instant win or digital scratchcard lotteries) that the licensee may make available; or o in any case, participate in a lottery.


1A ‘low frequency lottery’ is one of a series of separate lotteries promoted on behalf of the same non-commercial society or local authority, or as part of the same multiple society lottery scheme, in respect of which there is a period of at least two days between each lottery draw

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