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Understanding the impact of individual interactions

In this context, by impact we mean a change in the customer’s gambling activity which could be attributed to the interaction. An important part of this is whether the customer has understood the information or advice you gave.

Not every customer who receives an interaction will require active follow up, but many will. In these cases, follow up activity should be proportionate to the severity or extent of the harm being displayed. This approach will help you target your resources where they are most needed.

Understanding the impact of the interaction on the customer includes being able to look at and compare:

  • the behaviour before the interaction.
  • the change in behaviour or prompt for the interaction
  • how you interacted and what was said or done, and
  • what happened next.

Some ways to work out that impact include:

  • Did the customer start using gambling management tools; independently or following your advice?
  • If you are tracking links from emails, did the customer click through to safer gambling information?
  • Was there a positive change in behaviour? Did the customer’s gambling seem to change after the interaction?
  • You could also follow up and ask the customer whether they found the interaction helpful or not.
  • Is there a need for further or follow up action?

You may already quality assure individual customer interactions by spot- checking chat records and emails. As well as checking that customers are getting the right support, this can also identify staff development needs and highlight good practice that you can share across your business and across the industry.

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Evaluating the effectiveness of the approach
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