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Corporate Governance Framework

Our corporate governance framework sets out the necessary responsibilities and procedures that guarantee we operate properly.

  1. Contents
  2. Appendix 8 – Code of conduct for Commissioners

Appendix 8 – Code of conduct for Commissioners


  1. Introduction What we expect from Commissioners and how the Code of Conduct reflects best practice and the Commission’s ways of working.
  2. The Seven Principles of Public Life These principles apply to anyone who works as a public office-holder.
  3. The role of the Chair The responsibilities and duties as Chair of the Commissioners.
  4. Responsibilities of Commissioners The responsibilities and duties as Commissioners.
  5. Individual Responsibilities of Commissioners Individual responsibilities Commissioners are expected to uphold, as members of a public body.
  6. Political activity The restrictions you face as a Commissioner in terms of engaging in political posts or roles.
  7. The role of the Chief Executive The responsibilities and duties of the Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission.
  8. Delegation The board may choose to delegate matters to individuals, a group of committee.
  9. Accountability and efficiency A summary of the measures in place for Commissioners to assess the accountability and efficiency of the Gambling Commission..
  10. Confidentiality The importance of confidentiality and potential outcomes for failure to follow this requirement.
  11. Information security The standards we expect Commissioners to adhere to regarding information security. This is based on public sector guidance which must be complied with.
  12. Openness and responsiveness The ways in which Commissioners must be open and responsive.
  13. Gambling and National Lottery play by Commissioners Restrictions for Commissioners regarding the restrictions on gambling and the National Lottery.
  14. Financial circumstances Commissioners must make sure the Chair is aware of any financial problems that may make them vulnerable.
  15. Visits to gambling premises The actions that must be taken by a Commissioner when visiting gambling premises, both in a public and private capacity.
  16. Gifts and hospitality Commissioners are expected to be compliant with the policy of accepting gifts and offers of hospitality.
  17. Third party invitations and services The steps to be taken when a Commissioner is invited to a third party event or service.
  18. Dealing with the media and speaking engagements When dealing with the media and attending speaking engagements, Commissioners must ensure that they have followed the appropriate steps.
  19. Social Media Commissioners must ensure that they respect confidentiality, financial, legal and personal information when engaging with social media.
  20. Conflicts of interest The actions that must be taken if there is an actual or perceived conflict with your role as a Commissioner.
  21. Private interests and public duty As a Commissioner you must uphold the principles of public life including making decisions that could affect the value of your private interests.
  22. Shareholdings As a Commissioner you cannot have shareholdings or trade in companies in the gambling industry. You must also consider whether third parties are a conflict of interest.
  23. Business interests and other employment As a Commissioner, you must ensure that your business interests and other employment do not cause an actual or potential conflict of interest.
  24. Political Activity As a Commissioner, you should be, and should be seen to be, politically impartial.
  25. Offers of employment Commissioners must ensure that they inform the Chair about any offers of employment related to the gambling industry in any capacity.
  26. Acceptance of employment after leaving the Commission The steps you, as a Commissioner, will need to take for accepting employment elsewhere after leaving the Gambling Commission.
  27. Exit requirements The actions Commissioners need to take when leaving office.
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