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Corporate Governance Framework

Our corporate governance framework sets out the necessary responsibilities and procedures that guarantee we operate properly.

  1. Contents
  2. Appendix 7 – Financial regulations and delegations

Appendix 7 – Financial regulations and delegations


  1. Introduction We must ensure compliant with government and treasury guidance on accounting and financial control procedures, through the use of strict financial policies.
  2. Financial planning How the Gambling Commission conducts its financial planning.
  3. Budgetary control How the Gambling Commission upholds it's budgetary control measures, and the instances in which exceptions can be made.
  4. Changes to the annual budget How and why the Gambling Commission makes changes to the annual budget.
  5. Financial reporting Who is responsible for the approval and regular reviewing of the Gambling Commission's financial reporting.
  6. External audit Who is responsible for conducting an external audit of the Gambling Commission's finances.
  7. Internal audit Who is responsible for conducting an internal audit of the Gambling Commission's finances.
  8. Accounting The standards we are held responsible to and who is responsible for ensuring our compliance.
  9. Risk management Risk management is vital to ensuring we are compliant with financial regulations and delegations.
  10. Preventing fraud and corruption How we prevent fraud and acts of corruption within the Gambling Commission.
  11. Treasury management and banking Who is responsible for our treasury management policy and their responsibilities.
  12. Banking and cash Regulations for banking arrangements, including the opening of new accounts.
  13. Procurement A summary of the process that surrounds the Gambling Commission's procurement policy.
  14. Authorisation levels A brief summary of the appropriate authorisation levels for spending.
  15. Signing of contracts The circumstances in which new contracts can be signed off.
  16. Procurement processes A brief summary of the procurement process and the circumstances in which the Gambling Commission must go to tender or public procurement.
  17. Externally funded activities The circumstances in which the Commission may receive external funding for specified activities.
  18. Insurance A brief summary of the procedure to be followed if the Gambling Commission choose to purchase commercial insurance.
  19. Indemnities and guarantees Our policy for giving indemnities or guarantees.
  20. Commissioners’ expenses scheme The establishment of an scheme for the payment of expenses to Commissioners.
  21. General business conduct How we expect those who work for us, or as a Commissioner, to conduct business.
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