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Guidance for submitting a proposal for Regulatory Settlement funding

Guidance around submitting a proposal for Regulatory Settlement funding including what Regulatory Settlement funds are and criteria for proposals.

How to submit a proposal

The process has two stages:

  • Stage one is a brief overview of the project, including estimated costs and deliverables. If the stage one proposal is approved, you will be invited to submit a proposal at stage two
  • Stage two will build on your first stage application in greater detail.

Organisations who wish to submit a proposal should provide the following at stage one:

  • details about the organisation, including the details of the person leading the project and type of organisation
  • the name(s) of any partner organisations involved in the project
  • an overview of the project
  • an estimated cost of the project
  • expected deliverables and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the project
  • expected timeframe for the project
  • plans for the longevity of the project
  • governance arrangements
  • conflicts of interest
  • any additional information you think is relevant to the stage one proposal.

Organisations who wish to submit a proposal should provide the following at stage two:

  • any changes to the organisation, person leading the project etc.
  • budgets and costs of the project
  • timeframe for delivery
  • preferred timeline for payments
  • further detail on expected outcomes and deliverables
  • mode of delivery
  • governance arrangements to oversee the project
  • conflicts of interest
  • collaboration with other projects/organisations etc.
  • how will you share progress with the Gambling Commission, other stakeholders and the public
  • research projects will need to cover the publication of findings
  • evaluation of the project
  • longevity of the project once funding has ceased.

What makes a good proposal?

Before starting your proposal, think about the why, what, who, where and when of your project:

  • Why – Think about why you want to do this project, why you are the best organisation to do this? How does it tackle current issues or reduce gambling harms?
  • What – What are you going to do and what will this achieve? Think about the outcomes and how this will be of benefit
  • Who – Who will benefit, who will be involved and who are your partners (have you looked at other similar projects, if so, how is this one different)? Have you contacted other organisations for collaboration?
  • Where – Where does the project take place, is it something that is not already available in these areas? Will it help other areas if this is a success?
  • When – When will you start the project? How long will it last? How will the project be evaluated? Are the timescales achievable?

When reviewing your proposal, consider the following prompts:

  • is it clear and concise?
  • is it simple and without jargon – would someone unfamiliar with your work fully understand the proposal?
  • have you answered all of the sections of the template?
  • has it been proof-read, ideally by someone who did not write it.

Send your proposal in on time. Details of deadlines can be found on the regulatory settlements page.

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