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Smart TV Broadcasting Limited has surrendered its 000-002715-R-103240-011 Combined Remote Operating Licence and its 002715-N-104517-010 General Betting Standard Operating Licence. The associated 033743-R-315214-005 Gambling Software Licence has also been surrendered.

We have made it clear to Smart TV that the surrender of its licences does not prevent the settling of any outstanding winning bets and the return of customer balances. Smart TV has informed us that it is taking action to process payments to customers by means of bank transfer.

We will update our website with any further information.

Updated 15 November 2016

Simon Underwood and Mark Newton of Menzies LLP were appointed Joint Liquidators of Smart TV Broadcasting Limited at the meeting of creditors on 21 October 2016. 

Any queries regarding the company should be addressed to: 

Mark Newton
Joint Liquidator of Smart TV Broadcasting Ltd,
Menzies LLP,
Lynton House,
7-12 Tavistock Square,

Customers owed money by Smart TV Broadcasting Limited can download a copy of the Joint Liquidators’ report to creditors dated 2 November 2016, which includes a proof of debt form to complete, from the following web address: http://bit.ly/MenziesInsolvencyPortal

Customers will need to enter the following login details:

Login:              32249
Password:       47435381

Updated 31 August 2016

Smart TV Broadcasting Limited has updated its website to include a withdrawal request form. We would urge any customers with outstanding balances to complete this form.

Posted on 14 December 2016