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Start date: 17 October 2013
End date: 28 November 2013


This consultation is now closed

We consulted on changes to the gaming machine testing strategy in order to clarify certain requirements. It was considered necessary to introduce further clarification as a result of lessons learnt from recent compliance cases involving game manufacturers that incorrectly interpreted, misunderstood or simply failed to comply with the requirements of the testing strategy.

Gaming machines testing strategy - consultation response

As a result of the consultation, we have amended the Gaming machine testing strategy as follows:

  • Defined game variants, and testing requirements for random and compensated games.
  • Included additional guidance regarding acceptable forms of recording formal agreements where more than one party is responsible for testing.
  • Clarified testing requirements for game executable game code prior to release.
  • Set out a requirement for PML (personal management licence holder)/responsible person to sign games off as compliant prior to release in all cases.

In addition we requested the industry provide possible options for ‘game variant’ (various stake/prize/return to player (RTP) combinations) testing, which was a specific question within the consultation. The majority of respondents favoured the approach whereby the manufacturer would be allowed to tests their own games, and submits the results to the test lab, who would then re-run a set number of simulations to check for the accuracy of those results. This option was considered the most efficient and risk averse and therefore was adopted.

We require the industry to comply with the revised testing strategy by 1 May 2014. However the expectation is that the industry will work towards the introduction as quickly as possible. Should any manufacturer/supplier wish to adopt the revised testing strategy in full, prior to this date they may do so.