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Destinations of regulatory settlements - previous years

Destinations of regulatory settlements to be applied for socially responsible purposes from previous years

The Gambling Commission reviews proposals for destinations of regulatory settlements.

The following projects were approved as destinations of regulatory settlements. This information will be updated at least on an annual basis.

This page shows regulatory settlements that have been allocated in previous years. For regulatory settlements allocated in the current financial year see Destinations of regulatory settlements to be applied for socially responsible purposes.

Destinations of regulatory settlements - April 2022 to March 2023

The following projects have been approved as destinations of regulatory settlements during the period April 2022 to March 2023.

Information about destinations of regulatory settlements to be applied for socially responsible purposes.
Date Organisation Amount Project
November 2022 Durham University £486,604.40 A two-year research project which aims to further understanding of the linkage between gambling and domestic abuse and the nature of support available to those who experience gambling-related domestic abuse. It will also develop capacity and pilot the ability to identify and respond to gambling-related domestic abuse.
November 2022 Anonymind and Leon House £992,298.94 A 24-month study to better understand gambling in the veterans community including the pathways to problem gambling and access to interventions to develop policy and practice solutions.
November 2022 Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA) £115,000 A 18-month project to understand the developmental precursors to disordered gambling, with a focus on the relationship between disordered gambling and trauma. This will assist in the development of more effective early intervention and treatment initiatives.
November 2022 Glasgow University £402,184 A 18-month project that will conduct new empirical research on gamblers patterns of expenditure across a range of areas, through secondary analysis of existing data, design and implementation of a bespoke random probability survey of gamblers and a Discrete Choice Experiment. To understand the preferences and choices of gamblers to generate robust new insights into likely consumer behaviour changes in response to a range of potential new protections from gambling harm.
November 2022 GamCare £236,086 A 12-month pilot to explore the feasibility of enabling organisations to 'warm transfer' their customers who are harmed by gambling directly into the National Gambling Helpline’s live-chat and instant messenger services (for example WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger).
November 2022 Red Card Gambling Support £130,000 A 2-year pilot to provide gambling awareness and education for semi-professional (non-league) football clubs, targeting 1,500 young players aged 16 to 25 years old and club staff in up to 30 clubs across London, southeast, and the Midlands.
November 2022 JC Foundation Trust £24,560 A 18-month project to support the Jewish community in Salford and ensure that more individuals and families in this community receive the help and support they need to reduce their gambling habits and therefore improve their financial situation, personal relationships, and mental health.
November 2022 The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) North East £750,000 A 3-year pilot to address gambling harms in a region which has high rates of deprivation and high rates of harmful gambling compared to other areas in England. Working with key target groups including those already living in poor health, low life-satisfaction, pre-existing mental health conditions and history of substance misuse and implementing and evaluating co-produced interventions with practice partners and experts by experience, across primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention.
August 2022 Greo £1,612,300 The goal of the Gambling-Related Suicide Research Programme is to fund research in the United Kingdom (UK) that will improve understanding of the links between gambling and suicide to increase the effectiveness of regulatory measures, harm reduction, prevention, postvention, and ultimately reduce the number of gambling-related suicides in the UK. Among the £1,612,300 available, Greo Evidence Insights will disburse more than 80 percent as research grants and supports for knowledge mobilisation via a transparent, peer review adjudicated competition. Two grant opportunities were launched in March 2023.
August 2022 Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) £4,320,000 An extension of the BIT Gambling Policy & Research Unit to develop and test approaches to reducing gambling harms. The Unit will work with stakeholders and policymakers to discover, test and scale ways to reduce gambling harm.

Destinations of regulatory settlements - April 2021 to March 2022

The following projects have been approved as destinations of regulatory settlements during the period April 2021 to March 2022.

Information about destinations of regulatory settlements to be applied for socially responsible purposes.
Date Organisation Amount Project
August 2021 University of Edinburgh and Evidence to Impact £35,598.92 The project is a pilot study to test delivery of Preventing Gambling Related Harm in Adolescents (PRoGRAM-A), a school-based, peer-led gambling prevention intervention which trains secondary school students to become peer supporters to diffuse gambling prevention messages to their peers and social networks. The intervention is adapted from an existing and effective smoking prevention programme called A Stop Smoking in Schools Trial (ASSIST).
December 2021 TalkBanStop Campaign in partnership with Gamcare, Gamban and GAMSTOP £1,379,451 A one-year extension to the TalkBanStop partnership pilot to further promote, offer and evaluate the use of blocking software free of charge, alongside other tools for consumers which are already free of charge. This one-year extension is with a particular focus on evaluation to inform decisions around long-term sustainability.
The three organisations coming together to promote and evaluate the role of blocking software are:
  • GamCare’s National Gambling Helpline
  • GAMSTOP self-exclusion
  • Gamban blocking software, (which will be provided free of charge as part of the pilot).
November 2021 GamCare £1,107,082 A three-year project to develop a new money and debt service within GamCare which will complement existing services and provide simultaneous gambling, money and debt advice support to gamblers and affected others via telephone or online, and foster partnerships with money and debt organisations to increase cross-signposting and referrals.
November 2021 Sheffield Mind Ltd £148,202.27 A two-year pilot to develop new ways of working with young people at risk of gambling-related harm in Sheffield with an emphasis on resilience and prevention to empower young people to act as peer educators.
August 2021 Greo £226,064 The overarching goal of this 18-month project is to support specific communities who are at greater risk for gambling harms by extending understanding of effective information pathways.
August 2021 National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) £140,050 This short six-month pilot aims to provide a new way of measuring the socio-economic effects of gambling through an evaluation of existing evidence on benefits and costs of gambling, a specialised survey and NIESR-specific modelling to measure the behavioural dimension of gambling and its socio-economic effects, and ongoing engagement with key stakeholders.
August 2021 Gambling with Lives £498,000 This one-year project will create, test and embed a range of information, resources and training tools, and undertake professional engagement, with partners across Greater Manchester. This will facilitate identification of people experiencing gambling harms, help to ensure that essential information is provided and support people to identify support that is needed.
August 2021 Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) £1,680,000 Funding for one-year to support the creation of a Gambling Policy & Research Unit that will:
  • work with key stakeholders to design and scale successful interventions across the gambling market such as with banks and the financial services sector to help them understand, identify and support their most at-risk customers
  • build evidence for policy and regulatory advice and changes through a database of ‘what works’ that can be replicated and iterated globally
  • explore instances where gambling is influenced and intersects with other sectors, to inform cutting-edge solutions.
August 2021 City, University of London in partnership with LAB Group Services £209,601 University of London, and LAB Group Services have collaborated on a one-year project to research methods for reducing gambling related harms in digital spaces. To understand the impact of COVID this project has been extended to include the full integration of mobile kinetics and interventions through a supplementary project of research to dovetail with its original laptop/desktop focused research.
August 2021 Local authorities represented by the Association of Directors of Public Health, Yorkshire & Humber £800,000 This three-year project is to implement and embed a sustainable, multi-component and collaborative programme across Yorkshire and the Humber to tackle gambling related harms, including gambling related debt, with a focus on education and prevention and access to support and treatment. The aim of the project is to understand what works in preventative education through insights provided by research and evaluation and to increase referrals to treatment and support.
August 2021 Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA) in partnership with:
  • Beacon Counselling Trust
  • DrugFam
  • Greo
£994,540 This project is a collaboration between a number of organisations working to support affected others in a two-year project to expand the knowledge and evidence of any links between gambling and substance misuse in those affected by another’s gambling. The pilot also aims to develop support via hubs which will offer structured support plan to affected family members.
July 2021 GamCare £344,440 A 2-year project to accelerate GamCare’s work in improving signposting for gambling customers, specifically through developing industry codes for the display of safer gambling information and evaluating the impact of these codes on customer behaviour.
July 2021 Epic Restart Foundation £500,000 The EPIC Restart Foundation pilot project will aim to help those recovering from the effects of gambling addiction to build resilience, find new and meaningful opportunities, and positively restart their lives after gambling by giving ongoing help after treatment to help prevent any relapse via a three-stage education programme.

Destinations of regulatory settlements - April 2020 to March 2021

The following projects have been approved as destinations of regulatory settlements during the period April 2020 to March 2021.

Information about destinations of regulatory settlements to be applied for socially responsible purposes - April 2020 to March 2021.
Date Organisation Amount Project
March 2021 Deal Me Out CIC £161,103 This project aims to deliver a safer gambling awareness and education programme in Wales which will specifically target Welsh language users.
March 2021 Scottish Public Health Network (ScotPHN) £394,000 Building on the work of ScotPHN to develop a whole systems approach to reducing gambling harms, this programme of activity supports development of public health surveillance approaches, evaluation of programme activity, local community capacity building and a summit on gambling harms to be held in Glasgow.
March 2021 StepChange Debt Charity in partnership with Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC), University of Bristol and Northern Gambling Clinic £63,604 This project aims to explore how to reduce the harm caused by gambling related over indebtedness among those who gamble and those with problem debts.
March 2021 Beacon Counselling Trust Criminal Justice Police Custody Suites Screening, Horizon Scanning and Capacity Building Project £984,000 This projects aims to use the findings from an initial pilot to develop a sustainable implementation model embedded within NHS commissioning. Beacon intend to work with the following Police forces over approximately three years to develop a model that will be suitable for roll out nationally:
  • Lancashire
  • Merseyside
  • West Midlands
  • Cumbria
  • Manchester
  • Cheshire.
February 2021 GamCare – Criminal Justice Project £850,851 This project aims to deliver a bespoke two-year Gambling Harms and Criminal Justice (CJ) Development Project. The nature of the work will include:
  • CJ-focused training and awareness raising to staff and/or people in the CJ system (CJS)
  • exploration of the needs and issues facing gamblers in the CJS - facilitating ‘thought leadership’ to discuss potential solutions and responses
  • raising the profile of the gambling and/or crime issue, including targeted campaigns.
February 2021 Academic Forum for Gambling Research, facilitated by Greo £574,600 This project will support the development of the Academic Forum for the Study of Gambling which is a coordinated body to support rigorous, independent research to prevent, reduce, and address gambling harms in the United Kingdom (UK), facilitated by Greo.
December 2020 Greo £2,088,370 The project aims to develop a knowledge translation platform to facilitate evidence-based action in support of the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harm in Great Britain. The next phase of the project builds upon the ‘research to inform action’ enabler of the National Strategy for the purpose of widening the research base and improving links between research and policy.
November 2020 YGAM in partnership with Redcard, TalkGen and Clear View Research £627,391 The project’s aim is to create a purposeful and tailored approach for gambling-harm prevention, with and for BAME communities. The project centres on understanding socio-cultural and religious contexts on shame and stigma.
November 2020 Beacon Counselling Trust in partnership with Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA) - Recovery 4 All and Greo £560,653 To meet the needs of an underserved ethnocultural population with unique cultural considerations, this two-year project will build capacity in the South Asian community to reduce gambling harms by:
  • implementing a culturally appropriate train-the-trainer model to deliver gambling harm reduction education
  • increasing knowledge of gambling harm and treatment options among the South Asian population
  • improving referral pathways to treatment for those experiencing harms.
November 2020 Birmingham City Council in partnership with University of Birmingham £393,800 Project aims to pilot the ability to detect and prevent gambling related harm as a cause of tenancy loss by establishing and putting in support mechanisms to those at risk or already engaged in harmful gambling.
November 2020 GamFam £276,348 A pilot project which provides a support programme to families impacted by gambling related harms.
November 2020 Gamcare – Woman’s Programme £1,669,000 The programme comprises primarily of training and prevention activities, outreach and strategic stakeholder engagement for women who are experiencing gambling related harm.
October 2020 TalkBanStop Campaign in partnership withGamcare, Gamban and GAMSTOP £2,633,379 TalkBanStop partnership campaign.
A 12-month pilot to promote, offer and evaluate the use of blocking software free of charge, alongside other tools for consumers which are already free of charge. The three organisations coming together to promote blocking software are:
  • GamCare’s National Gambling Helpline
  • GAMSTOP self-exclusion
  • Gamban blocking software, (which will be provided free of charge as part of the pilot).
September 2020 Gambling with Lives £102,600 Scoping of a Treatment Pathway project to be delivered in collaboration with Leeds and York NHS Partnership Trust, NHS England, City Council public health team, primary care team the project aims to develop clear care pathways for those experiencing gambling related harm.
The pathway will be designed with stakeholders including people with lived experience, specialist treatment providers, public health and the third sector. The pathway will be designed with stakeholders including people with lived experience, specialist treatment providers, public health and the third sector.
July 2020 City University of London in partnership with LAB Group £366,893 Project seeks to spot potential problem gambling earlier in the lifecycle, by mapping kinetic, typing, scrolling and other 'implicit' digital behavioural interactions via gambling and apps.
It also aims to provide comparative linguistic analysis and nudge theory to facilitate safer gambling messaging and take-up tools and support.
July 2020 YGAM £90,000 Stand-alone to respond to Covid-19.
Development of Digital Learning (digital assets for flipped or fully online content solution, learning platform and of microsite).
Development of current face-to-face learning resources.
Development of Evaluation Framework.
February – July 2020 GamCare £500,000 (part funded) A project to enhance the delivery of youth education and age-appropriate treatment options. Design and delivery of both guided self-help and session plans for both young people and professionals. These will be available in both analogue and digital formats and supported by the existing evidence base around what works with young people.
June 2020 PG Solutions (part of Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA) Group) £311,000 Project to test and evaluate safer gambling messaging and embed a safer gambling toolkit to support the messaging. The project aims to reduce the numbers of people harmed by problem gambling and improve the access to safer gambling information, advice, and help.
June 2020 Forward Trust £30,900 Supporting offenders serving prison sentences across 19 sites, conducting a survey exercise to assess if issues with gambling have worsened during the coronavirus prison lockdown, and developing tailored self-help material and resources for prisoners coming up to release.
June 2020 GamCare £195,672 Ensuring GamCare maintains appropriate IT infrastructure to remain resilient during Covid-19 period.
June 2020 GamCare £36,000 Project to enable gambling blocking software to be provided to individuals accessing the National Gambling helpline or GamCare treatment network, on a temporary basis. This project was originally in receipt of £21,000 although it was noted that an extension to the project may be possible. In December 2021, this project was extended to provide deeper longitudinal evaluation and research about those who access self-exclusion, barriers to treatment, and use of other tools such as gambling blocking and financial blocking. The extension was for a further £15,000.
May 2020 Greo £1,100,000 (part funded) Evaluation based project which aims to accelerate the implementation and spread of effective, evidence-based initiatives for safer gambling.
April 2020 Beacon Counselling Trust £30,000 Scoping project working with five police forces in the North West of England to support co-ordination of police forces’ problem gambling screening activity within custody suites, working alongside other criminal justice projects.
April 2020 Beacon Counselling Trust £517,228 Project in collaboration with the Unite trade union, the Union Learning fund, and Addiction Recovery Agency (ARA), alongside employers, to roll out a Workplace Charter, to reduce harms in the workplace from gambling through education, support and referral to treatment.
April 2020 Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust £67,500 Introducing and evaluating a co-designed and co-produced pilot public health Recovery College course on gambling and addiction. The course is targeted at mental health service users, carers and families and mental health professionals.
April 2020 GambleAware £8,800,000 Funds to help ensure treatment and support services can continue to operate effectively and withstand additional pressures on their services caused by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Destinations of regulatory settlements - March 2019 to March 2020

The following projects have been approved as destinations of regulatory settlements during the period March 2019 to March 2020.

Information about destinations of regulatory settlements to be applied for socially responsible purposes - March 2019 to March 2020.
Date Organisation Amount Project
March 2020 Charities Aid Foundation £40,000 Supporting effective coordination of the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms – focus on funding, flows and partnerships for the third sector.
January 2020 Greater Manchester Combined Authority £750,000 Pathfinder project for local authority public health approaches.
December 2019 Health and Social Care Alliance £496,647 Operation of a forum for participants with lived experience of gambling harm to steer the implementation of the National Strategy within Scotland.
December 2019 Scottish Public Health Network £142,483 Embedding a whole population approach to gambling in Scotland.
November 2019 Centre for Public Scrutiny £103,200 Using local authority scrutiny processes to understand and tackle gambling related harms.
November 2019 The Samaritans £523,998 Training and resources for gambling businesses to identify and support customers experiencing risks of suicide.
October 2019 Money and Mental Health Policy Institute £228,500 A two-year programme of work to engage the financial services sector in efforts to reduce gambling harms.
September 2019 Healthy Stadia £37,500 An effective model to be rolled out to reduce the incidence of unhealthy gambling behaviour in the football stadium environment.
September 2019 Hurley Group £1,562,184 A pilot project to explore the design and delivery of an NHS based integrated community-based service for people experiencing harm from gambling.
September 2019 Gordon Moody £220,000 Capital funds to increase treatment capacity.
August 2019 Gordon Moody £200,000 To enable the effective analysis of the data that is captured by Gordon Moody treatment provision.
July 2019 Howard League for Penal Reform £1,838,000 Large scale problem gambling and crime commission.
June 2019 Gambling Research Exchange £1,900,000 Creating a programme of work including a new research, dissemination evidence hub committed to preventing and reducing gambling harms in Great Britain in support of the National Strategy.
May 2019 GamCare £3,223 Provide and distribute stock of printed self-help workbooks.
May 2019 GamCare £298,590 Design and deliver a website to support the administration of the GamCare Safer Gambling Standard, and ensuring the ‘scores’ for accredited operators are clearly visible to consumers.
May 2019 GamCare £250,000 To build capacity for the effective analysis of the data that is captured by GamCare treatment provision and from the National Gambling helpline.
March 2019 GambleAware £30,000 To accelerate progress to deliver GambleAware’s activity to support the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms.
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