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Use the mute feature

Twitter’s mute feature is a great way to ensure you no longer see certain words, accounts and conversations when using the platform. It allows you to have greater control over what you can and can’t see on Twitter.

You can mute:

Mute Accounts

If you no longer want to see Tweets from someone in your timeline, but you don’t want to block them, you can mute their account. So, if you have a friend who likes to Tweet about the latest odds on a football match, muting their account will hide these posts from your timeline without blocking them.

Once you mute an account, you'll no longer receive push or SMS notifications from the account.

How do you mute an account?

There are two ways in which you can mute an account you follow. The first is from your timeline; when you see the account appear in your timeline, simply hit the down arrow icon and select ‘mute account’.

The second way is from the account profile itself. Hit the three dots icon on the account profile and select ‘mute account’.

Some important things to know about muting accounts:

  • muted accounts can follow you and you can follow muted accounts
  • muting an account will not cause you to unfollow them
  • muting an account does not impact the account’s ability to send you a Direct Message
  • you will no longer receive push or SMS notifications from any muted account.

Mute Words

If there are certain keywords you tend to use which may trigger gambling-related content or recommendations to appear on your timeline, we advise you use the mute words feature. This allows you to take control over the language you see on Twitter.

It’s not just single words that you can mute. Hashtags, emojis and even full phrases can be muted, meaning they won’t appear in your timeline or in your notifications.

You can choose to mute words for:

  • 24 hours
  • 7 days
  • 30 days
  • forever.

For ads you no longer want to see, you can use block.

Some important things to know about muting words

Muting is case-insensitive. For example, if you add 'FOOTBALL' to your mute list, any mention of 'football' will be muted.

Muting a word will mute both the word itself and its hashtag. For example, if you mute 'football', both 'football' and '#football' will be muted.

You can also mute phrases, usernames and emojis.

How do you mute words?

From your Twitter homepage, select the following options:

  1. more
  2. settings and privacy
  3. content preferences
  4. muted
  5. muted words.

From here you will be able to add words you wish to mute.

You can also watch the following steps in Twitter's video guide to muting words.

You can read how to mute words and hashtags across different operating systems using Twitter's advanced muting options instructions (opens in new tab).

Suggested words to mute

  • new customer
  • sports
  • betting tips
  • Acca
  • deposit
  • betting
  • free spins
  • tipster
  • free bet
  • Champions League
  • bingo
  • gambling
  • eSports
  • money back
  • racing
  • casino
  • offer
  • Premier League
  • predictions
  • lottery
  • lotto
  • free bonus
  • odds
  • wagering
  • in-play
  • slots
  • football
  • boost
  • spin.

Mute Conversations

Muting a conversation stops you from receiving notifications related to a Tweet you’re a part of.

If you comment on a friend’s Tweet, you can opt to mute the conversation. This means any further interaction on that post won’t come through as a notification.

Muting a conversation will simply stop you from receiving notifications related to that particular Tweet. You'll still see the Tweet in your timeline.

How do you mute conversations?

  1. select the Tweet to open the full detail
  2. select the down arrow icon
  3. select 'mute this conversation'.
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