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Consultation response

Participation and prevalence research

From December 2020 to February 2021 we consulted on the proposals to change how we collect adult gambling participation and problem gambling prevalence statistics.

Introduction to summary of responses

The consultation forms part of a package of work to develop a single high quality methodology to measure gambling participation and prevalence of problem gambling with the aim of setting the standard for authoritative research into gambling.

We consulted on six proposals in this consultation which were:

  • to develop a single gold standard population survey for the whole of Great Britain
  • to consolidate current surveys into one population survey
  • to review and refresh the gambling activities included in the participation questions
  • to improve the frequency and turnaround time of the survey data
  • to explore more future proof data collection methods
  • to pilot a new methodology and subject to a satisfactory pilot, to implement a new methodology from 2022.

Figure 1 provides a breakdown of the responses to the consultation questions. In Figure 1 and throughout the rest of the document we have reported the number of responses received in favour or against each proposal rather than the percentage, this is due to the relatively low base size that percentages would be based on (for example, below 100).

Image 1 - a breakdown of the responses to the consultation questions harms

Proposal 5 was asked as a yes/no question rather than a 5-point Likert scale question. The green bar represents those who answered yes, the grey bar represents those who were undecided and the orange bar represents those who answered no.

Data for chart

Proposal 1Proposal 2Proposal 3Proposal 4Proposal 5Proposal 6
Strongly agree18112014014
Neither agree or disagree975102014
Strongly disagree756505

For each of the proposals we asked respondents to provide their views. We have summarised responses to these questions under respondent views and provided our response in the 'our position box'.

We acknowledge that there is a degree of overlap between the proposals in this consultation and this was evident in some respondents’ comments. For each proposal we have summarised the responses that are relevant to the proposal itself.

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