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Consultation response

Changes to information requirements in the LCCP, regulatory returns, official statistics, and related matters

Parts I and II of the consultation response that sets out our position in relation to the information the Gambling Commission requires licensees to provide us.


Proposal 17: Changes to ordinary code provision 8.1.1 (information requirements – ordinary code)


We proposed to elevate elements ordinary code provision 8.1.1 into licence conditions 15.2.2 (other reportable events) and 15.3.1 (general and regulatory returns) to reinforce our expectations that matters that will have a material impact on the licensee’s business are reported to us. We also planned to remove ordinary code provision 8.1.1 (2c), which is provided for by an existing key event (licence condition 15.2.1 (21)). Our expectation that licensees inform us of any matters that we would reasonably need to be aware of... (ordinary code 8.1.1 (1)) was proposed to be incorporated into Licence condition 15.3.1.

Aside from the previously mentioned changes, we proposed to remove ordinary code 8.1.1 on the basis that the provisions would be covered in the proposed changes to Licence conditions 15.2.2 and 15.3.1 or within other sections of the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP). For example, the expectation that licensees work with us in an open and cooperative way is specified under ordinary code 1.1.1. Sections 1.11 and 1.13 of this consultation contain the corresponding change to licence conditions 15.2.2 and 15.3.1 respectively.

Consultation question

Question 1.17. Do you agree with the proposed changes to the code provision?

Respondents' views

Many respondents were generally supportive of this change and commented that the proposal simplified the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) and that it be clearer if all information requirements were consolidated within Section 15 (Information Requirements).

Some respondents had concerns over the elevation of elements of this ordinary code provision to be included within existing licence conditions. Several commented that the wording was too broad for something that could, if breached, constitute a criminal offence. Others requested guidance on the meaning of 'material impact' and specific examples of events that needed to be reported to us. One respondent noted that many would have to update and enhance their reporting protocols to ensure that they do not breach the related conditions.

Our position

We note the feedback in relation ordinary code provision 8.1.1 and have decided not to proceed with the proposals to elevate elements of the code into licence condition 15.2.2 at this stage. Ordinary code provision 8.1.1 will be retained in its current form.

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