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Bingo and casino technical requirements

Bingo and casino technical requirements under section 85 and section 89 of the Gambling Act 2005.

  1. Contents
  2. 2 - PART I - Casino equipment technical requirements
  3. 5 - Wireless network systems - Casino equipment technical requirements

5 - Wireless network systems - Casino equipment technical requirements

Network coverage

5.1 If a gaming device is designed to allow players to participate using a wireless network the following must be complied with:
a. unless denoted by clear signage, there must be no areas where players may participate in any gambling using such a device where the communication signal is:
i. not available
ii. of poor quality such that interruptions in play would be likely.
b. there must be adequate wireless coverage so that the failure of a single transmitter does not significantly reduce the players’ ability to participate in the game. This does not prohibit the use of a single transmitter.

Network failure

5.2 Where a network failure occurs:

a. all devices must alert the player of the failure as soon as it is possible to do so. It is permissible for a device to continue with any game if the network connection is restored provided that the player is not disadvantaged in any way
b. a manual alternative method of play (for example, keying in game outcome or other element as opposed to an automatic download via wireless network) is permissible where there is no disadvantage to the player and where there is adequate time to do so. Catch up facilities, for example, button pressed to bring device up to current position within game, may be used where the game that was in play when the network failure occurred has not been completed.

Communication requirements

5.3 All protocols must use communication techniques that have proper error detection and, or as well as, recovery mechanisms which are designed to prevent unauthorised access or tampering, employing Data Encryption Standards (DES) or equivalent encryption with secure seeds or algorithms.

Power level display requirements

5.4 Portable devices must give warnings when the battery life of the device reaches a low level.

Audit requirements

5.5 An audit log of sufficient time stamping of significant events must be maintained so as to be able to resolve any player disputes arising as a result of timing issues. It must be possible to display the audit log on the site operator’s premises.

The Commission does not intend to set out exact requirements for time stamping of significant events as it is considered better that the manufacturer do so on the basis of the overall system design.

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