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Bingo and casino technical requirements

Bingo and casino technical requirements under section 85 and section 89 of the Gambling Act 2005.

  1. Contents
  2. 2 - PART I - Casino equipment technical requirements
  3. 1 - Game requirements - Casino equipment technical requirements

1 - Game requirements - Casino equipment technical requirements

Speed of play

1.1 An electronic terminal that gives a player the opportunity to bet on the outcome of a fully automated 'real' game must ensure that the game cannot be played at a speed significantly faster than the manually operated equivalent and that the player is given adequate time to place their initial and any subsequent bet(s) within the game.

For fully automated ‘real’ games played using electronic terminals the following game frequency must not be exceeded:

    a. games of roulette: 50 games per hour
    b. games played using dice: 50 games per hour
    c. games played using cards: 50 games per hour

Where electronic terminals provide a player with the opportunity to play multiple 'real' games on the same terminal, then the terminal must limit the play to a single game at a time. That is, the player must not be given the opportunity to stake on a second game until the first game is completed.

Display of information on players’ game devices

1.2 Game devices must be capable of clearly displaying (either on screen or via labelling attached to the device), the following information:
a. cost of bet(s) or stake(s) to play the game
b. prize amounts available within the game, or the information necessary to calculate the prize amounts, for example, the odds for each type of bet in a game of roulette
c. players’ credit held on the system
d. information describing how the game is played on the device – this is optional if the method of playing the game on the device is identical to the method of playing the actual table game
e. information on how to gamble responsibly and help for problem gamblers; and alarm or fault information when needed.

The game itself should be displayed in a recognisable form such that the player is able to follow the play and interact appropriately.
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