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Corporate Governance Framework

Our corporate governance framework sets out the necessary responsibilities and procedures that guarantee we operate properly.

  1. Contents
  2. Appendix 2 – Rules for the conduct of business

Appendix 2 – Rules for the conduct of business


  1. Introduction A brief summary of the rules of the conduct of business for the Gambling Commission.
  2. Place of business The principle address of the Gambling Commission.
  3. Calling meetings of the Board of Commissioners The locations and frequency of Commissioner's meetings.
  4. Notice of meetings Details of the appropriate notice for a meeting, including extraordinary circumstances.
  5. Meetings by telephone or video conference The ways in which meetings can be conducted by the Board of Commissioners.
  6. Business to be transacted Details of how business matters should be handled at meetings.
  7. Quorum A quorum is the smallest number of people needed to be present at a meeting before it can officially begin and before official decisions can be taken.
  8. Record of attendance This is a requirement of the Board of Commissioners meetings.
  9. Chairing of meetings Details of who will chair a meeting and the process they will need to follow.
  10. Voting The process of voting, when it is appropriate and what happens if there is no majority.
  11. Adjournment The process that needs to be followed in the case of adjournment.
  12. Minutes Minutes are published subject to the exclusion of sensitive information.
  13. Urgent business The process of what should happen if the event of urgent business.
  14. Non-contentious business The process of what should happen provided the business discussed is non-contentious.
  15. Committees A brief description of the committees and their meetings.
  16. Declaration of interests Commissioners must ensure that they declare any potential or existing conflicts of interest.
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