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Tim Miller, Commission executive director, explains how we’re listening to industry, partners, licensing authorities and consumers - and acting on their recommendations. 
"Your views are very important to us.
This is why, last year, we carried out a survey in which we asked stakeholders what they thought of the tools we use to communicate. As part of that two significant themes emerged – our website and the way we consult.
A number of you found our website difficult to navigate, some of you said it was too text heavy, and others said it needed modernisation. As a result we conducted a complete overhaul. We made the content easier to understand – emphasising the importance of plain English - and changed the navigation so it was better suited for different stakeholders. For example, we now have different sections for consumers, for operators and for licensing authorities – all of whom come to us for very different reasons. This is just the first stage in improving our website and we know that we have much further to go. Since the new site was launched we have sought further feedback and will be continuing to improve the site over the coming months.
Some of you also let us know that our public consultations varied too much in terms of style, content and quality. And this is something we are improving – we’re reviewing the way we construct consultations so that they are clearer and easier to respond to.
Others flagged up the fact that responding to consultations was labour intensive and would therefore like to be forewarned about those on the horizon.
As a result, we’ve now launched a new consultations calendar. This will be updated regularly and communicated through our bi-weekly e-bulletin and through our social media channels… and hopefully will help all of you to plan when having your say.
If you don’t yet receive our e-bulletin you can subscribe or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.
Improving the way we communicate with everyone who has an interest in our work is a priority for us and we welcome your feedback about the way we share information. We won’t stop listening to you and continuously improving our offering."


Posted on 27 September 2017