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Start date: 25 October 2016
End date: 17 January 2017


This consultation is now closed 

We have published our response to the Remote Gambling and Software Technical Standards (RTS) consultation. The consultation proposed a number of measures to ensure consumers are provided with sufficient information to make informed choices about their gambling activity. 

The revised technical standards will be published separately at the end of June. 

In summary, the revisions to the RTS will:

  • ensure greater consistency and clarity in the information made available to consumers 
  • enhance protections afforded to consumers.
  • lay the groundwork for a wider review into new and emerging products and potential links to negative gambling behaviour 
  • promote greater consistency in the methods used to protect consumers from the effects of and collusion and other prohibited activities 
  • improve fairness and transparency of processes that have a direct impact on consumers
  • align the RTS with consumer protection requirements in the testing strategy (an updated version of which was published in May 2016). 

Further information

We received a total of 36 responses: 29 from licensed operators, four from Commission approved test houses, two from industry trade associations and one from an Alternative Dispute Resolution provider. 

Prior to the consultation we held a series of workshops and teleconference calls to provide key industry stakeholders with an opportunity to comment on the draft proposals. We also held workshops and discussions on the proposals during the consultation window to fully explain the aim and impact of the main proposals.

We would like to thank all the organisations and individuals who responded to the consultation.


Remote gambling and software technical standards consultation