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Start date: 20 July 2017
End date: 30 September 2017


This consultation is now closed and the response is available

In this consultation we set out our intent to introduce new codes of practice for society and local authority lottery operators and ELMs to improve transparency for society lottery players, as well as to clarify what we regard as instant win and low frequency lotteries.

We will require lottery operators to make it clear to consumers which society or charity the proceeds of the lotteries they promote are going to, as well as requiring societies to publish what proportion of monies raised from lottery ticket sales in the previous year was returned directly for the purposes of the society.

Response: Changes to society lottery and ELM licence requirements

We received 27 responses. We have taken these into account in our decision to implement two new social responsibility code provisions, and have amended the wording of the proposed codes to reflect the responses received through the consultation process. 

The requirement for gambling activities to be conducted in an open manner, with terms and conditions made transparent to participants, applies to all operating licensees. 

We consider that societies and ELMs could and should do more to provide consumers with more information on the lottery they are participating in, and how much of their stake is returned to support the aims and objectives of the promoting society.  

Consultation:  Codes of practice for society and local authority lottery operators and ELMs