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Industry Forum: Code of Conduct for members

1. Introduction

1.1. This Code of Conduct sets out the core values and standards of behaviour that members of the Industry Forum (IF) must uphold. This Code forms part of the terms of appointment for members of the IF. The Chair of IF is a paid role, and different standards apply to the holder of that position.

1.2. This Code may be reviewed and updated from time to time.

1.3. This Code should be read in conjunction with the IF Terms of reference.

2. Standards

2.1. Members of the IF have been selected because of their links with – and often employment within - the gambling industry. As such, membership of the IF is neither a paid role nor a public appointment.

2.2 Members of the IF are expected to uphold the Seven Principles of Public Life, insofar as they are consistent with duties owed elsewhere (for instance, duties as a director under the Companies Act, or duties under a contract of employment). In the interests of transparency, those duties will be identified and published on the Commission website.

2.3. The Seven Principles of Public Life (opens in new tab) are:

  • selflessness
  • integrity
  • objectivity
  • accountability
  • openness
  • honesty
  • leadership.

2.4. Members of the IF may not share details of documents or information provided to them as members of the IF without the explicit permission of the Gambling Commission.

2.5. In the interests of transparency, a summary of the meetings of the IF will be published on the Commission website.

2.6. Members of the Forum may not claim to represent the views of the Gambling Commission or the IF without the explicit permission of the Gambling Commission.

2.7 IF members can be removed from office by the Chair of the Gambling Commission if they fail to perform the duties required of them in line with the standards expected.

3. The role of the Chair

3.1. The Chair of the IF is in a paid position and is required to adhere in full to the Seven Principles of Public Life (opens in new tab) and meet the Commission’s Managing Conflicts of Interest policy.

3.2. The Chair is responsible for:

  • ensuring that the Forum meets at appropriate intervals, that the summary notes of the meetings accurately record the discussion
  • representing the views of the Forum in engagement with Gambling Commission officials
  • participating, with Commission officials, in the appointment of members, and in managing any issues of members’ conduct.

4. Gifts and hospitality

4.1. The Chair and members of IF are expected to avoid or refuse any gifts and hospitality relating to their role on the Forum.

5. Freedom of information

5.1. Information created by the Commission in relation to the IF, and information supplied to the Commission by members of the IF is subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

6. Correspondence and media enquiries

6.1. Correspondence relating to the work of the IF (in any format) received by IF members must be referred to the Secretary to the IF, who may consult the Chair, for advice on the most appropriate response.

6.2. Any media enquiries to the Chair or members must also be referred immediately to the Gambling Commission’s Head of Communications, who will liaise with the Secretary to the Panel and/or Chair about the appropriate handling and response.

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