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Board Minutes for 23 March 2018

Meeting details


Ada Salter Suite,
Friends House,
173-177 Euston Road,


10.15 – 14.00


  • David Forrest (DF)
  • Ian Gilmore (IG)
  • Hermine Graham (HG)
  • Russell Hoyle (RH)
  • Richard Ives (RI)
  • Chris Kelly (CK) (Chair)
  • Rachel Lampard (RL)
  • Simon Tanner (ST)
  • Heather Wardle (HW)

In attendance:

  • Helen Rhodes (HR)
  • Tim Miller (TM)

Staff names of those other than the Leadership team have been redacted.


  • Marc Etches (ME)

Actions and status

Minutes and actions

Apologies and declarations of interest

CK welcomed Board members to the meeting and extended a special welcome to members of the Safer Gambling Team, (REDACTED). Simon Thompson from GambleAware was also welcomed. Apologies were noted. TL notified the Board that the Secretariat is now part of the Safer Gambling Team. CK set the scene for the meeting and reflected on the media’s coverage of the Gambling Commission’s advice to remote gambling. The Board were encouraged by the support for tracked play.

Minutes and matters arising from 23 January 2018: RGSB 18 01 (01)

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved and there were no matters arising. All actions from the previous meeting were in progress or complete.

Progress report and RET funding requirement: RGSB 18 02 (02)

(REDACTED) introduced this paper, and notified the Board of the next steps which included sharing the progress report with wider colleagues at the Gambling Commission, DCMS and industry stakeholders and asked for comments.

The Board discussed the overall content of the report and the rating for each Priority Action. There was a general consensus with the ratings and it was agreed that although some good things were happening, there were not enough to improve the progress ratings. There was a lengthy discussion about giving equal weight to areas of disappointing progress where responsibility lay other than with the industry.

Additional issues that were discussed included the need to develop an implementation plan to support the delivery of any future Strategy. There was also a suggestion to set up working groups for each Priority Action to ensure better feedback on progress.

It was agreed that the RET funding section needed some attention.


Secretariat Team and Chris Kelly to update the Progress report and RET funding in line with the changes suggested.

Roles and responsibilities: exploring next steps from our away day: RGSB 18 02 (03)

The purpose of this item was to allow the Board the opportunity to raise any comments on the future role of RGSB under the Commission’s new Strategy. A wide range of issues were discussed to determine how best RGSB could play its role as the Gambling Commission’s independent expert advisory group. A new memorandum of understanding would be necessary once the mechanics have been agreed.


Paper to be produced on 4th Lottery Licence reflecting safer gambling requirements.

HW used this item to bring the Board up to speed with the progress the expert group on gambling-related harms had made with: developing a definition, modelling the concepts involved, and considering how indicators could be identified to allow measurement and monitoring.

Any other business

There were no additional items for discussion. Farewell and thanks were given to Richard Ives for his time on the Board.

Safer Gambling Team: update report: RGSB 18 02 (05)

This paper was provided for information only and was not discussed.

Update from GambleAware : RGSB 18 02 (06)

This paper was provided for information only and was not discussed.

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