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3. Setting clear, evidence-based requirements for licensees

Andrew Rhodes conference

The Government published its White Paper High Stakes – Gambling reform for a digital age in April 2023. The White Paper sets the medium-term policy agenda for gambling regulation in Great Britain, and assigns us, as the gambling regulator, a significant number of commitments to deliver. These commitments are particularly focused on protecting consumers and the wider public from harm and will take up a significant proportion of our resources, including the majority of our policy resource over the next three years. As we deliver our commitments from the White Paper, we aim to ensure that our regulation is as clear and focused as possible, making it easier for licensees to ensure they comply with our standards at the earliest possible opportunity. This is consistent with the National Audit Office’s principles of effective regulation, the Regulators’ code and our own Statement of Principles.

Key Commitments

We will deliver those measures we are responsible for in the Government’s White Paper including improving player protections and product safety.

Why? The White Paper takes account of the changes to the gambling landscape since the 2005 Act was introduced, including the substantial development of online gambling. It sets out a package of reforms which reflect these changes, based on the latest evidence and informed by our advice. The Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee report on gambling regulation published in December 2023 provided additional parliamentary scrutiny of the proposals. The Government have asked us to lead on the delivery of a significant number of measures within the White Paper. We will consult on the use of our powers, to inform and implement reforms.

As a result, we will deliver on the Government’s ambition to ensure that gambling regulation in Great Britain remains appropriate, proportionate and effective in this digital age.

Consumers and the wider public will benefit from online gambling being made safer by design, by licensees marketing their products responsibly and being more proactive in preventing unchecked and unaffordable gambling that results in harm.

We will measure our progress by reporting on our progress in implementing those commitments within the White Paper we are responsible for. As part of our evaluation work we will support efforts by Government and others to evaluate the impact of the White Paper reforms.

We will increase our capacity to evaluate new requirements and policies.

Why? this will help us to understand which regulatory approaches have the most impact, and ensure we are able to adapt to take the more effective approach the evidence suggests. We will focus particularly on evaluating the impact of our work on the commitments we are responsible for in the Government’s White Paper.

As a result, we will be able to target our resources on the most effective policy interventions and demonstrate whether interventions are having the intended impact.

Consumers, the wider public and licensees will benefit from proportionate, and evidence led regulation which strikes an appropriate balance between offering greater protection for consumers and ensuring we impose the minimum burden necessary to deliver the licensing objectives.

We will measure our progress by publishing the results of our evaluation and research outputs and making changes to our regulation (subject to consultation) if appropriate.

Why? We want licensees and the public to have access to clear information, and guidance resulting in improved levels of understanding of regulatory requirements. Our Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP) need to evolve further with the changes emerging from the Government’s White Paper. We want to ensure licensees fully understand their responsibilities, so they are compliant at the earliest opportunity. We also want consumers and other interested parties to be better informed of regulatory requirements and their rights, particularly in light of the Government’s commitment to introduce a gambling ombudsman.

As a result, we will identify opportunities to improve understanding of regulatory requirements engaging with licensees, consumers and others to make licensees’ responsibilities clearer.

Consumers and the wider public will benefit from licensees having a clear understanding of requirements and being able to hold those licensees to account for delivering them. Consumers and the public will also have a clearer understanding of their rights. Licensees will find it easier to comply which in turn will improve outcomes for consumers.

We will measure our progress by first establishing a baseline of current views and experiences of how we communicate our requirements and associated guidance. Where improvements are identified we will build in ways to evaluate these as part of this commitment.

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