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Statistics and research release

Cross-venue machines data

We have collected data taken from machines located in licensed betting offices (LBO), adult gaming centres (AGC) and bingo venues.


We have obtained data which reveal patterns of play on the same category but across different gambling venues. For example, this enables comparison between the way B3 machines are played in bookmakers as opposed to adult gaming centres.

This is the first time that cross-venue data has been made available.

Update: 9 February 2017

We have been provided with updated data relating to the number of plays played at the maximum stake at licensed betting offices. The changes have been made in tab 6 of the LBO machines data excel spreadsheet.

It is important to note that we have not yet drawn any final conclusions on any data or other sources of evidence. We will be reviewing a wide range of evidence as we develop our final advice to government.


Features of each category of play

Machine categoryFeaturesPermitted location
Max stakeMax prizeCycle speedLBOAGCBingo

Within the datasets it is important to note that play is categorised by the regulations under which the specific game operates and not by the stake size.

The spreadsheets are split into ten tabs for each of the venues:

Headline data

The data are based on:


The spreadsheets are split into ten tabs for each of the venues:

  1. number of venues and machines
  2. number of plays (bets) and sessions
  3. number of sessions by average stake size
  4. number of sessions by session length
  5. number of sessions by net expenditure (note a negative shows a customer win)
  6. use of maximum permitted stakes
  7. average stake size by session duration
  8. average stake size by session outcome
  9. session outcome by duration
  10. time of day metrics.

This data was provided by SG Gaming and Inspired Gaming.

Data and downloads


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