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Annual Report and Accounts 2021 to 2022

The Gambling Commission's 2021 to 2022 Annual Report and Accounts.

  1. Contents
  2. Notes to the accounts
  3. 15. Consolidated Fund income

15. Consolidated Fund income

The Commission held the following assets on Consolidated Fund Income at 31 March 2022.

Consolidated Fund Income
Data definitions 2022
Fines and penalties 22,222 12,857
Recovery of costs (242) (127)
Uncollectible debts - -
Amount payable to the Consolidated Fund 21,980 12,730
Balance held at the start of the year 11,270 1,635
Payments into the Consolidated Fund (10,926) (3,095)
Balance held on trust at the end of the year 22,324 11,270

As per the FReM 11.3.9, Fines and penalties are recognised at the time that the fine or penalty is imposed and becomes receivable by the entity and should be disclosed as the total amount repayable to the Consolidated Fund at the point the enforcement notice is raised and then derecognised if the penalty is appealed successfully.

As set out in Note 1n, Statement of accounting policies, Treatment of penalty packages, income payable to the Consolidated Fund does not form part of the Statement of Comprehensive Net Expenditure. The amounts receivable for Fines and Penalties at 31 March 2022 were £12.171 million (2020/21: £3.095 million) and the amounts payable for Fines and Penalties were £10.926 million (2020/21: £3.095 million). The balance held on trust at the end of the year figure at the year-end date includes all Fines and Penalties Payments unpaid at that date. These include payables in relation to fines recovered due to be surrendered to HMT (£1,245,363).


* 2020-21 numbers are restated, further information is included in Note 2 of the accounts, Prior period adjustments and reclassifications.

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