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Corporate Governance Framework

Our corporate governance framework sets out the necessary responsibilities and procedures that guarantee we operate properly.

3 - Membership

3.1. The Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) shall consist of Members who contribute to quorum.

3.2. Members:

  • the ARC shall comprise at least 2 non-executive Commissioners
  • members are recruited with an appropriate level of skills, namely experience or knowledge of financial reporting, risk management and internal control, scrutiny of internal policies and procedures, awareness of internal and external audits and public interest disclosure, fraud and investigations and information security
  • the membership shall also comprise an Independent Member of the ARC, if one has been appointed
  • the Board of Commissioners (the Board) will appoint a Chair of the ARC
  • the Chair of the Board will not normally be appointed to chair the ARC.

3.3. Attendees:

  • the Accounting Officer
  • the Finance Director
  • the Head of Finance
  • the Head of Governance
  • a representative of Internal Audit
  • a representative of External Audit
  • if the National Audit Office (NAO) are not the external auditor, a representative of the NAO
  • a secretary to the Committee.

3.4. The ARC may ask any other employees of the Gambling Commission to attend meetings to assist with discussions on any particular matter.

3.5. The ARC can co-opt one or more experts for a particular reason (for example, to support scrutiny of a major project).

3.6. The ARC can specify how an independent member is to be appointed.

3.7 As and when appropriate, the ARC may ask any or all of those who normally attend, but who are not members, to withdraw. These proceedings must still be minuted.

3.8 Quorum shall be 2 members provided one is the Chair, otherwise the quorum shall be 3 members of the Committee.

3.9 Deputies may be nominated for attendees who are unable to attend, with permission of the Chair.

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