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Corporate Governance Framework

Our corporate governance framework sets out the necessary responsibilities and procedures that guarantee we operate properly.

  1. Contents
  2. Code of conduct for employees
  3. Appointments on leaving the Commission

Appointments on leaving the Commission

34. Your duty of confidentiality continues after you have left the Commission’s employment, whatever the reason for you leaving the Commission.

Rules on the acceptance of outside appointments after resignation or retirement

35. Movement between the Commission and the regulated sectors should not be frustrated by unjustified public concern over a particular appointment. However, it is important that when a former Commission employee takes up an outside appointment there should be no cause for any suspicion of impropriety, so as to avoid:

  • any suspicion that the advice and decisions of a serving employee might be influenced by the hope or expectation of future employment with a particular firm or organisation
  • the risk that a particular firm might gain an improper advantage over its competitors by employing someone who, in the course of their official duties, has had access to technical, commercial or other information which those competitors might legitimately regard as their own trade secrets.

36. For these reasons, if you are an employee who is in a position to influence regulatory decisions (see paragraphs 10 and 13) and are leaving the Commission’s employment, you must not, within six months of leaving, accept any form of full, part time or fee-paid employment with a licensee or applicant for a licence without having obtained the Commission's prior written approval. Any such requests should be made in writing to the Head of Human Resources. Such approval will not be withheld unreasonably.

37. If you are on secondment to other organisations or have been on secondment to the Commission, you are also subject to these rules.

Reporting offers of employment

38. If you are approached regarding an offer of employment either directly or indirectly by or on behalf of a person or organisation in or related to the gambling or gaming industry, you are under a duty to disclose the full particulars of that approach. In addition, if you are actively seeking alternative employment so that your CV is likely to be brought to the attention (whether by you or by an agency) of a person or organisation in or related to the gambling or gaming industry, you are under a duty to disclose this.

39. The disclosures referred to in paragraph 35 should be made as follows:

  • the Chief Executive or an employee at Director level must inform the Chair or Chief Executive as appropriate
  • other employees must inform a Director or the Head of Human Resources.

40. If you are working on compliance and enforcement in relation to specific operators, or in areas concerned with procurement or contract work, you should report any approach - where it comes from those specific operators or from an outside employer with whom they or their employees have had, or might have, official dealings; you do this irrespective of whether or not you are considering taking up the offer.

41. If you wish to pursue an approach about employment, you may be asked to reach a decision within a given timeframe and/or may be asked to work in a different area of the Commission’s business to ensure that there is no potential conflict of interest.

42. The Commission will make operators and licence applicants aware of its policy in this area and ask them to inform the Head of Human Resources before making any approach to Commission employees.

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