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Corporate Governance Framework

Our corporate governance framework sets out the necessary responsibilities and procedures that guarantee we operate properly.


1. The Gambling Commission must ensure that Commissioners are supported to make good decisions about the probity of their actions and how those actions might be perceived by others. This Code of Conduct is an important part of that support. The Code reflects best practice and the Commission’s ways of working. It sets out the standards of behaviour that are expected of Commissioners. Following the advice and requirements in this Code will help avoid misunderstandings about actions or behaviour.

Ways of working


To be outcome-focussed we:

  • put consumers at the heart of everything we do
  • take responsibility for an issue and moving it forward
  • deliver results through working collaboratively.

Reaching for ways to improve

To reach for ways to improve we:

  • encourage feedback and ideas
  • are committed to continuous improvement and are open to trying different ways of working
  • celebrate successes and take responsibility when things go wrong.


To be respectful we:

  • recognise every colleague’s contribution
  • give each other timely constructive feedback
  • all encourage challenge.

Communicate well

To communicate well we:

  • are clear and concise
  • listen and check our understanding
  • explain the reasons for decisions.

Making this a great place to work

To make the Commission a great place to work we:

  • all help to make the Commission a great place to work
  • value and support each other
  • demonstrate a positive attitude.

2. We expect everyone who works with us to behave with utmost integrity. This means avoiding not only actual impropriety but any perception of impropriety. By ‘propriety’ we do not just mean compliance with rules, although that is important. We also mean conduct and behaviour in carrying out actions or engaging with stakeholders. Failure to maintain high standards of behaviour may not be intentional. However, there is always a risk that what we do or how we do it could be – or could be seen as – impropriety.

3. This Code sets out the framework for conduct for Commissioners. If you wish to discuss any matters arising under the Code, you can speak with the Governance Team, or with the Chair, if you prefer.

4. Commissioners are required to confirm that they have understood this Code.

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