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Corporate Governance Framework

Our corporate governance framework sets out the necessary responsibilities and procedures that guarantee we operate properly.

  1. Contents
  2. Appendix 8 – Code of conduct for Commissioners
  3. Gambling and National Lottery play by Commissioners

Gambling and National Lottery play by Commissioners

38. Gambling is a legitimate leisure activity, so a total ban on gambling by Commissioners would be unduly restrictive. It could also cut Commissioners off from knowledge and experience of the sector they regulate.

39. However, because we are the industry regulator, we have to place restrictions on the gambling that you can undertake. This is to protect you and the Commission from the risk, actual or perceived, of bias, lack of objectivity, or impropriety. In addition, any large wins or losses could lead to speculation about the integrity of regulatory processes and might place an uncomfortable focus on personal financial information. This might particularly be the case in physical premises where you would have direct contact with an operator’s staff.

40. In remote gambling (which means online, by phone or interactive television), we think the risks of participation by Commissioners are lower. This is because in remote gambling there is a clear audit trail for transactions, which can be used to investigate any allegations. There is also far less potential for contact with operator staff.

41. You should bear in mind that no gambling of any kind is permitted on Commission premises. No gambling of any kind is permitted using Commission equipment.

42. To manage the risk of actual or perceived impropriety, you are required to comply with some common sense restrictions on gambling:

  • you cannot play the National Lottery or any other lottery licensed by the Commission. This includes any game offered as part of the National Lottery or other lottery
  • you cannot personally accept winnings from any lotteries licensed by the Commission
  • you cannot gamble in non-remote bingo halls, casino’s or bookmakers’ premises in Great Britain
  • you cannot gamble with on-course bookmakers.

43. You may gamble remotely, (for example by phone, telephone or internet) as we believe that probity and reputational risks can be mitigated more easily where an audit trail for play is readily available. However, given your position as Commissioners there are things you must do to manage any risk of actual or perceived impropriety.

44. You must notify the Commission’s Intelligence lead of any significant wins or losses (for example above £500).

45. You must notify the Commission’s Intelligence lead if any remote gambling account in your name is hacked or otherwise compromised, whether or not that leads to unauthorised gambling on your account.

46. You must provide any additional information about your remote gambling that we may require. Any information you provide will be held in confidence, but will be made available to any relevant investigation. You will be informed if this takes place.

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