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20 September 2018 - Minutes of the meeting of the Board of Commissioners


  • John Baillie – dial-in
  • Stephen Cohen (until 14:30)
  • Alison Hastings
  • Bill Moyes (Chair)
  • Sarika Patel
  • Trevor Pearce
  • Simone Pennie
  • Jonathan Scott
  • Catharine Seddon

Executive directors:

  • Vic Beaumont
  • Nicky Heathcote
  • Paul Hope
  • Philip Lloyd
  • Neil McArthur
  • Tim Miller
  • David Pemberton
  • Helen Venn

In attendance:

  • Brad Enright, (REDACTED) – item 4
  • Anna Howe – item 5
  • Ian Angus – item 6
  • Simon Knee – item 8
  • (REDACTED), Tamsin Morgan – item 9
  • (REDACTED) (Legal)
  • (REDACTED) - notes


  • Carol Brady
  • Oliver Sweeney
  • Richard Watson

Item 1: Welcome, apologies and declarations of interest

There were no new declarations of interest.

The Chair welcomed Vic Beaumont, Philip Lloyd and (REDACTED).

Item 2: Minutes and actions from the meeting on 19 July 2018

The minutes of the meeting of 19 July 2018 were agreed.

The rolling actions were reviewed, and updates agreed.

Item 3: Improving the way we regulate – IT and Data Strategy

The Board noted the paper.

Item 4: Improving the way we regulate – HBLB update

Brad Enright introduced the paper, gave an overview and summarised the mitigations, including additional governance assurance being given via the Audit and Risk Committee.

Item 5: Improving the way we regulate – Standard DBS to Basic DBS checks for Personal Licences

Anna Howe gave an overview of the paper.

The Board approved the recommendation to move from requesting a standard to a basic criminality check.

Item 6: Protect the interests of Consumer

Ian Angus introduced the paper.

It was confirmed that the paper sets out the framework for the additional standards, the consultation document will come to Board in January. The Board therefore agreed Neil McArthur should sign off the revised version of the paper.

Item 7: National Lottery Competition

The Board noted the paper.

Neil McArthur, David Pemberton and Philip Lloyd to consider the suitability of the London office accommodation and the office functional capability in place. Colleagues were urged to assist the NLC Team in practical matters as a matter of priority.

Item 8: Finance Report

Philip Lloyd introduced the paper.

Item 9: Communications activity and Stakeholder engagement

Tim Miller provided an update on the Labour Party’s Conference recommendations on gambling.

The Head of Communications gave an overview of the strategies and recent recruitment to support the approach and plans.

The target for full strategy delivery is January 2019. Defined processes for engagement planning will be sent out to all colleagues in the form of a handout. Event invitations across the Commission are aligned and reviewed by the Strategy Co-ordination Group on a weekly basis, prior to CEO final approval.

It is the intention that the stakeholder engagement plan applies to everyone in the Commission from the Board downwards.

Item 10: Board Forward Look

The Board endorsed the new style forward look, in particular having visibility of committee business.

Item 11: Review of the meeting

The Board agreed that the morning workshops had been very informative and worthwhile and that overall, Board papers were good and presented well.

Concerning appendices, the Board requested that for future meetings it is made very clear which appendices are a ‘need to read’ and which are not. Those which serve as additional, background information will be added to the Reading Room area of Diligent.

The Board agreed CEO weekly reports were extremely helpful and well received. An additional agenda item at the end of each Board meeting going forward will be included to highlight key CEO concerns and issues.

Item 12: Any other business

Board development

Nicky Heathcote gave an overview of the proposed scope of the Board Effectiveness Review and confirmed she will be the responsible Director. (REDACTED), Company Secretary, will be leading the work and also working closely with Vic Beaumont on the Board development aspects of the Review. Sarika Patel requested the Regulators’ Code be considered as part of the work.

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