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Corporate Governance Framework

Our corporate governance framework sets out the necessary responsibilities and procedures that guarantee we operate properly.

  1. Contents
  2. 8 - Publications and information strategy

8 - Publications and information strategy

8.1. The Gambling Commission will have responsibility for contributing to the Government's system of democratic accountability by making information available to the public on the quality and productivity of its services, value for money, performance and progress on delivery. The Gambling Commission will:

  • provide timely and accurate information required for Parliamentary Questions, responses by Chief Executives to Parliamentary Questions and contributions to Ministerial and public correspondence. This includes providing information as requested by the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales. The Gambling Commission will be responsible for responding to requests under the Freedom of Information Act within the statutory time limit
  • the Gambling Commission shall provide the Department with its finalised (audited) accounts in accordance with the annual guidance produced by DCMS
  • publish an annual statement of the Gambling Commission's corporate governance arrangements
  • publish an annual set of statistics about the gambling industry
  • publish other information as agreed with the Department in the interests of transparency and as communicated from time to time.

8.2. The annual report must:

  • cover any corporate, subsidiary or joint ventures under its control
  • comply with the Treasury's Financial Reporting Manual (FReM)
  • contain a governance statement, setting out the ways in which the Accounting Officer has managed and controlled the resources used in the organisation during the course of the year, demonstrating how well the organisation is managing risks to the achievement of its aims and objectives
  • outline main activities and performance during the previous financial year and set out in summary form forward plans.

8.3. Additionally the Gambling Commission will be expected to publish information relating to the delivery of its services and policies. In particular this should include information that will help the public to: (i) see progress against activity which the Gambling Commission has made a public commitment to deliver; (ii) judge if the services and/or outputs offer value for money; and (iii) consider whether the way in which the body operates gives rise to any issues around fairness; and (iv) hold consultations, as appropriate, when making relevant changes to LCCP etc.

8.4. The Gambling Commission is named as a producer of Official Statistics under The Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007 (opens in new tab). As such, the Gambling Commission is required to adhere to the Code of Practice for Official Statistics, to have in place a "Lead Official" for statistics, and is encouraged to publish a statement of compliance on its website. The Lead Official is directly responsible to the UK Statistics Authority for ensuring the quality and professional integrity of the Official Statistics produced by the Gambling Commission. The DCMS Head of Profession for Statistics is responsible for providing professional guidance and advice to the Gambling Commission Lead Official. This includes working in partnership to assist them in complying with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics, the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007, and the Pre-release Access to Official Statistics Order 2008. (Please see Annex A for links to guidance.)

8.5. Where the Gambling Commission conducts or commissions social or economic research, relevant professional standards should be applied to ensure that research is impartial, of sufficient quality, legal and ethical. The Gambling Commission should nominate a lead contact for research of this type and share their programme of planned and published research with the Head of the DCMS Evidence and Analysis Unit for information purposes. Further guidance on conducting research can also be obtained from the DCMS Evidence and Analysis Unit.

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