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Corporate Governance Framework

Our corporate governance framework sets out the necessary responsibilities and procedures that guarantee we operate properly.

  1. Contents
  2. 19 - Grant-in-aid and any ring-fenced grants

19 - Grant-in-aid and any ring-fenced grants

19.1. Both the grant-in-aid provided by the Department and the overall budgets set by it for the year in question will be voted in the Department's Supply Estimate and be subject to Parliamentary control.

19.2. The grant-in-aid will normally be paid in monthly instalments on the basis of written applications showing evidence of need. The Gambling Commission will comply with the general principle, that there is no payment in advance of need. Cash balances accumulated during the course of the year from grant-in-aid or other Exchequer funds shall be kept to a minimum level consistent with the efficient operation of the Gambling Commission. Grant-in-aid not drawn down by the end of the financial year shall lapse. Subject to approval by Parliament of the relevant Estimates provision, where grant-in-aid is delayed to avoid excess cash balances at the year-end, the Department will make available in the next financial year any such grant-in-aid that is required to meet any liabilities at the year end, such as creditors.

19.3. As a minimum, the Gambling Commission shall continue to provide the Department with monthly information via its grant in aid claims that will enable the Department satisfactorily to monitor:

  • the Gambling Commission's cash management
  • its draw-down of grant-in-aid
  • forecast outturn
  • receipt and repayment of loan principle and interest
  • major risks to the forecasts presented
  • other data required for the Treasury's Combined On-line Information System (COINS) or its successor.
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