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Gambling Research Exchange supporting research to inform action

23 September 2019

GREO’s expertise lies in moving research into action, facilitating collaboration and system efficiency, and evaluating impacts.

GREO’s expertise lies in moving research into action, facilitating collaboration and system efficiency, and evaluating impacts. The Commission, its expert advisers the Advisory Board for Safer Gambling, alongside GambleAware) has leveraged expert insights to develop a robust framework for measuring gambling-related harms.

This project parallels similar work by GREO that engaged international research and policy experts to define gambling harms and metrics for measuring the impact of policy and practice changes. There has also been great work in this area coming from New Zealand and Australia.

We will help the development of the framework to measure harms to ensure the Strategy remains at the forefront of gambling harm reduction policy and practice by continuing to leverage UK and international expertise on strategies for reducing harms and metrics for evaluating impacts.

Over 2000 Research Snapshots and Synopses (short easy-to-read summaries of published research) – recent snapshots focus specifically on UK research and research that can inform the National Strategy.

Over 1800 Specialized Resources – including important and often hard-to-find sources like white papers, reports, conference presentations, and infographics.

All stakeholders in the issue of gambling harm in Great Britain will benefit from the Commission’s partnership with GREO through tailored access to the rich resources in our online Evidence Centre and data repository. These include:

  • 24 datasets in-house and links to 67 other relevant data sets from all over the world
  • custom content alerts sent to you monthly, highlighting information in the areas that interest you
  • a research bulletin that highlights new and seminal research related to the National Strategy of which we will share details of how to sign up in due course
  • both GREO and the Gambling Commission are committed to tackling the issue of gambling-related harms through strategies rooted in independent, evidence-based research, and we are excited to be working with the Gambling Commission and the best and brightest thinkers around the world to bring the National Strategy to life
  • complete a Rapid Evidence Review of existing literature in this area
  • work with a UK-based team of evaluators to evaluate the current regulatory framework and its connection to gambling harm
  • mobilise project details and findings so that all stakeholders can stay informed about the process and outcomes.

One of the first projects we will support is evaluating the impact of changes to the use of credit cards for online gambling, taking into account the outcomes of the Gambling Commission’s current consultation on this topic. We will.

This involves shorter-term projects for immediate impact as well as leveraging stakeholder insights to build a longer-term strategy that will achieve the Commission’s goal of reducing gambling harms across Great Britain.

GREO will work with the Commission and other partners to the Strategy over the next three years to accelerate the National Strategy.

GREO has a long-standing reputation for effectively sourcing and curating trustworthy information and using it to create useful knowledge mobilisation products and tools, effective strategies, and meaningful evaluation plans and frameworks. We have a diverse and international network of partners across the mental health and wellbeing sectors, including gambling and gaming; cannabis, alcohol, and drugs; addictions and mental health; public health; and health, justice, social, and human services.

Over the past few months, Gambling Research Exchange (GREO) has embarked on an exciting collaboration with the Gambling Commission. As most of you will already know, the Gambling Commission has recently released a National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms based on evidence and stakeholder insight. GREO is delighted to use our skills and resources to help the Commission advance the strategy faster and further to effectively and efficiently reduce gambling harms in Great Britain.

Last updated: 20 August 2021

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