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The current National Lottery licence

Find out about the licence to run The National Lottery and how The Section 5 licence requires Camelot to submit information and policies to us for approval.

Published: 13 August 2020

Last updated: 1 February 2024

This version was printed or saved on: 19 May 2024

Online version: https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/public-and-players/guide/licence-to-run-the-national-lottery

Overview: The Fourth Section 5 Licence was designed to better align Returns to Good Causes and profits, while protecting the unique status of the National Lottery.

The Section 5 Licence and the Section 6 Game Licences define the obligations on Allwyn (opens in a new tab) and the outcomes it should achieve as the Licensee. The Regulatory Handbook sits alongside the licence and provides guidance on how the Commission will approach regulating the Licensee.

View and download the Fourth National Lottery Licence (PDF).

View the Regulatory Handbook.

Section 6 Licences are granted for each game, or class of games, promoted as part of the National Lottery, these include:

Information about each game licence is available in the National Lottery games and licences.


We awarded Allwyn Entertainment UK Limited a 10 year licence to run the National Lottery, starting in February 2024 until January 2034.

The Fourth Section 5 licence adopts an outcomes-based model, but there are some requirements for Allwyn to submit certain information and policies to us for approval or consent.

Licence decisions

The Licence sets out various functions the Commission may exercise in respect of waivers, variations, consents and approvals requested by the operator as to how things are carried out in accordance with the Licence by the operator; subject to the Commission maintaining its statutory duties.

If you seek further information on this, then the Commission will consider any reasonable request made for further information, subject to data protection considerations. Please contact us for more information.

2024 licence decisions

On 1 February 2024, the Gambling Commission, under Section 6 of the National Lottery Act, granted to Allwyn the National Lottery Lotto, EuroMillions, Thunderball, Lotto HotPicks, EuroMillions HotPicks, Set for Life, Scratchcard, Instant Interactive Win Games Licences. The licences allow Allwyn to promote the existing games, in accordance with the licence. There are no changes to the games at this time.