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Information for licence applicants

This guide will help you with the most common queries relating to personal and operating licence applications.

Published: 23 September 2020

Last updated: 11 October 2022

This version was printed or saved on: 21 July 2024

Online version: https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/contact-us/guide/information-for-licence-applicants

Overview: The information in this guide should help with most queries relating to a personal or operating licence applications or applications in progress.

If you need help

If you still have a query that's not been answered in this guide or elsewhere on our website contact the Licensing team.

Personal licence applications

We have two types of personal licence:

Personal Functional Licence

These licences are for people who work in certain roles in the casino industry.

The licence application fee is:

Detail Fee
Personal licence application fee £185.00

Find out more about Personal Functional Licences and what you'll need to apply.

Personal Management Licences

These licences are for people who hold specific management roles across the gambling industry.

The licence application fee is:

Detail Fee
Personal licence application fee £370.00

Find out more about Personal Management Licences and what you'll need to apply.

Operating licence applications

Operating licence applications can be complex and take time to assess and process. This can take up to 6 months and in some cases longer.

We require all applications to be fully complete, with all required documents and with the required fees to be paid when the application is submitted.

We will not start processing any application unless the fee has been paid and the application is complete. We may also reject your application.


You will need to pay an application fee when you submit your application, this can be paid by credit or debit card online.

The fee you need to pay depends on what licence and activities you are applying to be licensed for.

You can calculate your application fees using our fees calculator (opens in new tab).

The fees service is not fully accessible, if you need help using the fee calculator service, contact us on 0121 230 6666. (from outside the UK call us on +44 121 230 6666).

Licence application processing times

Current timescales

Licence type Processing time
Operating licence application 16 weeks
Change of control application 12 weeks
Application to vary an operating licence 8 weeks
Personal licence application 8 weeks
Application to vary a personal licence 2-4 weeks

These timescales are not guaranteed. They are based on the application being complete at the point it is submitted and on our average time to reach a decision.

Timescales may be affected by the following

Sending information to us

Do not send documents to us by post unless we have specifically stated to do so. Either upload your document to your application or use the email address provided.

It is important that when sending any identity documents that these have been certified as true copies.

If you need to send supporting documents to us, upload documents to your application.

If documents can't be uploaded to your application, scan and email documents to licensing@gamblingcommission.gov.uk. Make sure you include your name, application or account number in the email.

Updates on your application

We are committed to keeping you informed with the progress of your licence application.

Personal licence and Annex A applications

For personal licence and Annex A applications, we keep you informed through email and text messages.

Emails are sent from the address processing.service@notifications.service.gov.uk

Text messages will show as being sent from GAMREGGB

Operating licence updates

For personal management and operating licence applications, updates are provided by email.

Emails are sent from a gamblingcommission.gov.uk address.

We're working on improving updates

We're working on improvements to allow you to track your application online in addition to getting updates by email.

As we roll this out we will keep applicants informed through the licence application services.

How to contact the Licensing team

The Licensing team will respond to all queries within 5 days.

If you have submitted an application or hold a licence

If your query relates to an application you have submitted, and you have not yet been contacted by a caseworker, or a held Gambling Commission licence you should either submit a online contact form or email us licensing@gamblingcommission.gov.uk.

Alternatively, you could call 0121 230 6666 (from outside the UK call us on +44 121 230 6666).

If you choose to call us, make sure you leave your name, application or account number, contact details and a brief description of your query.

For queries not related to an application or Gambling Commission licence raise a general enquiry.