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Start date: 14 August 2019
End date: 06 November 2019

Following a recent call for evidence and our previous announcement on 24 July, the Gambling Commission has today launched a twelve-week consultation on gambling with credit cards.

We are consulting the public and all other stakeholders on the options of either banning the use of credit cards for gambling or introducing limits and restrictions on the use of credit cards. The Commission will then take the most appropriate course of action in view of any evidence obtained by this consultation, alongside data already submitted. 

The recent call for evidence provided several key interest points, including issues surrounding alternative forms of borrowing, e-wallets, and consumers’ motivations for using credit cards to gamble.

The proposals concern all sectors of the gambling industry that are currently permitted to accept credit card payments, including online betting, casino, bingo and lottery operators, along with high street bookmakers.  

We encourage all stakeholders to take part in this consultation