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Start date: 21 February 2019
End date: 16 May 2019

Category B gaming machines and player protection

The data and responses supplied as part of this call for evidence are informing our comprehensive package of work we are taking forward to make gambling safer.

Specifically the evidence has helped shape our proposals on online game design, will be relevant to the ongoing work on non-remote game design and will underpin our proposals to strengthen customer interaction.

We will continue to review the evidence base, evaluate the risks to the licensing objectives, publish relevant data and consider what further regulatory measures or advice to Government may be necessary.

This call for evidence gives an opportunity for gambling businesses to outline how they will meet the challenges set out in the Government’s Review of Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures over the protections for players using Category B gaming machines.

In April, the maximum stake on Category B2 gaming machines (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals) will be reduced from £100 to £2. Category B1 machines in casinos and Category B3 machines, sited in arcades, bingo halls and betting shops, offer maximum stakes of £5 and £2 respectively, but at up to eight times the speed of play of B2 games.

Data indicate that the risks associated with Category B1 and B3 machines are broadly similar to the risks with B2 machines at a £100 maximum stake – the reason why the Commission said last year in its advice to Government that it wanted to explore player protection options further. Those options include tracking play, using time and monetary limits and alerts, and communicating messages about gambling safely. The Commission also said it wants to hear about industry efforts to evaluate harm prevention measures.

Respond to the player protections on Category B machines.