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Return to player - how much gaming machines payout

Information on what %RTP is, how it is measured, and the prize amounts that each gaming machine offers depending on their category.

Published: 4 June 2020

Last updated: 16 June 2021

This version was printed or saved on: 24 July 2024

Online version: https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/public-and-players/guide/return-to-player-how-much-gaming-machines-payout

Overview: Percentage Return To Player (%RTP) can be thought of as part of the money paid to play the machine that is then given back to the player as prizes.

Gaming machines offer different prize amounts depending on their category.

The %RTP is an average achieved over a significant number of game plays and not each time the gaming machine is played.

Average %RTP is generally measured over 10,000 or 100,000 games for compensated machines and more games than this for random machines, depending on their category.

There is no minimum RTP on a gaming machine.


If a gaming machine displays an 85% RTP, you should not expect to win an average of 85 pence for every £1 you stake during a playing session.

Random machines

Random machines rely purely on the statistical chance of an outcome occurring to meet their target %RTP. The odds of achieving a win in the current game remain constant and are not affected by wins or losses in previous games.

Compensated machines

Compensated machines are also random, but they vary the chance of winning a prize depending upon results from previous games played. If a machine is below its target %RTP it may become more generous dependent upon design, or it may pay out less. The amount and frequency of prizes is still determined by random chance.

House edge in casinos

Casino games, such as:

The way these games work gives an advantage to the casino (the house). This is called the house edge, and it gives a measure of the percentage that a casino would expect to keep, on average, from each hand or spin, given normal patterns of play.

Being clear to players

Gaming machines must make information available about their category, %RTP and whether they are compensated or random.

This must be on every machine and could be in the form of a label or notice attached to the machine. It may be shown on a game help screen or in some other screen area within the game.