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Enforcement policy in relation to the National Lottery

Policy detailing our approach to enforcing the National Lottery and how we will use our powers in an appropriate and proportionate manner.

1 - Introduction

The Gambling Commission is the regulator of the National Lottery.

We grant a licence under section 5 of the National Lottery etc. Act 1993 (opens in new tab) (as amended) (hereafter referred to as the Act) and licences under section 6 of the Act to promote National Lottery games.

This Enforcement Policy (hereafter referred to as the policy) is a public statement. It aims to set out clearly our approach to enforcement and to demonstrate how we will use our powers in an appropriate and proportionate manner. It details the enforcement measures available and the factors that are likely to be considered by us when deciding on action to be taken.

We shall exercise our functions under this policy in the manner we consider the most likely to secure the following1:

  • a. that the National Lottery is run, and every lottery that forms part of it is promoted, with all due propriety
  • b. that the interests of every participant in a lottery that forms part of the National Lottery are protected
  • c. subject to a and b, that the net proceeds of the National Lottery are as great as possible.

We will, as necessary, work with other regulators and law enforcement agencies to ensure that we coordinate our respective powers. This will avoid duplication and inconsistencies and ensure that the most appropriate action is take.

This policy is a key part of the overall regulatory regime implemented by us. Although not bound by it, we will generally apply enforcement actions consistently with this policy. In the event of any departures from this, we will explain our reasons for doing so.


1 As per Section 4 of the Act.

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