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Funds raised for good causes Q4 2018 - 19

Income from game sales by quarter and versus last year

Published: 3 June 2019

Reporting period: Quarter 4, 2018-19 (January to March) 

Good causes funds are raised from the sale of National Lottery games and supplemented by unclaimed prizes and interest on balances of funds held. The funds for the original good causes are held in the National Lottery Distribution Fund (NLDF). The Commission ensures that payments from the Lottery operator to the good causes are accurate and on time.

Total funds raised for good causes between Quarter 4 2017-18 and Quarter 4 2018-19[1]

The chart below shows the most recent quarter and the preceding four quarters for comparative purposes. For reporting purposes the number of weeks within the quarters vary according to the fall of financial year cut-off dates.

The total raised for the NLDF in Quarter 4 (January to March) was £442.7m. This was £52.5m (13.5%) above the October to December quarter (Q3) and £15.7m (3.7%) above Quarter 4 in 2017-18:

returns to good causes


The total for the fourth quarter of the current financial year was well above that recorded in the third quarter and also above the amount recorded for Quarter 4 of 2017-18.

Performance in the fourth quarter of 2018-19 versus the third quarter was as a result of the following:

  • Higher sales and proceeds from Lotto, EuroMillions and instant win games (scratchcards and interactive instant win games)
  • Income from unclaimed prizes in Quarter 4 was £37.0m, 17% higher than Quarter 3’s £31.6m
  • A greater number of trading days in the quarter (13 whole weeks plus one day versus 13 weeks in Quarter 3)
  • Marketing investment in games by the NLDF was twice that seen in Quarter 3.

Performance versus Quarter 4 of 2017-18 was better due to:

  • Stronger sales and contributions from Lotto, EuroMillions and instant win games
  • Significantly higher unclaimed prize receipts (£37.0m versus £20.5m)
  • Total receipts were offset, in part, by higher marketing investment spend in 2018-19

[1] These amounts relate to the total value of proceeds from game sales raised for the NLDF in approximate calendar quarters. Quarter 4 of 2018-19 includes funds raised from sales made between 30 December 2018 and 31 March 2019. They include all other income and adjustments from game sales, including unclaimed prizes

Funds raised for good causes report Q4 2018-19

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